Tablet Maker Wacom, the Forefront of Digital Drawing

Tablet Maker Wacom, the Forefront of Digital Drawing 0

Wacom is currently releasing videos of famous creators in Japan drawing digitally for a digital drawing campaign.

◆ Live Painting by Masayoshi Tanaka

A live drawing video of Masayoshi Tanaka using a Cintiq 24HD is currently available, so please check it out.

◆ Masayoshi Tanaka’s Profile
Character designer and chief animation director on Toradora! and Anohana. Recent work includes illustrations for *Dead End Rhapsody (Raku Kusanagi / Kodansha Light Novel).

Differing from traditional analog methods of using pencils, pens, and color markers to draw on paper, digital drawing using a special stylus pen to draw on a tablet screen is a form of drawing unique to modern times. Because lines can be drawn with power as if actually drawing using pen and paper, the feel of digital is completely unchanged from analog. On top of that, there are a batch of functions unique to digital tools including different kinds of pens, pressure-sensitive brushstrokes, erasing the rough copy, coloring, editing, and more. The tools are extremely simple to use and this means that production time is shortened. This is why digital mediums have been advancing with amazing speed through the manga and illustration genres in recent years.

Wacom is on the leading edge of the digital drawing field. The company, which has over 30 years of achievements as a tablet maker, is loved by many creators worldwide, and has created a wide range of content, advocates for the creators of today and tomorrow through the enjoyment and new novelty of drawing illustrations and manga digitally.

The ongoing campaign is a part of this. The campaign is for distributing videos in English, Korean, and Chinese (traditional) of creators drawing digitally. Here, we will introduce the first video. Drawing live in the video is popular anime character designer Masayoshi Tanaka who is known from such works as Toradora! and Anohana. A new video is scheduled to be uploaded between every three weeks and one month.

For the duration of the campaign, 50 people who register for information on Wacom’s site will be chosen every month to win a Bamboo Stylus. The Bamboo Stylus is a high-quality stylus pen that has both good sensitivity and perfect balance, and it also comes in an abundance of colors. By using the free memo app Bamboo Paper, those with a Bamboo Stylus can experience the feeling of drawing with it instantly.

The campaign will end on Tuesday, Sept. 30. We recommend first watching the live drawing videos to get a feel for the merits and enjoyment of drawing digitally.

◆ Campaign Details
Duration: July 17 (Thurs.) to Sept. 30 (Tues.)
Available in: English, Korean, Chinese (traditional)
Outline: Of those who register on Wacom’s site, 50 people will be chosen every month to win a Bamboo Stylus.
^*^ Only those residing in one of the following countries are eligible for this campaign: Australia, Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Bamboo Stylus

Campaign Page

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dww 33 tanaka trans140711
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