[Hatsune Miku] Have You Seen This "Amigurumi Miku" Making-of Video?

Miku has become a super-cute amigurumi (knitted stuffed toy)! Yuko Ishimori, an amigurumi artist, made Hatsune Miku for us in this movie. Take a look at how he made this “Amigurumi Miku.” You will surely be impressed by her elaborate work!

This movie was added to the official Hatsune Miku YouTube channel last week. You can also enjoy many other movies related to Miku and her friends here! If you haven't visited yet, why not take a break and check it out?

Title: Do-Re-Mi-Fa Mix
Artist: enoyak

QooyaHouse (Yuko Ishimori's blog)

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[Hatsune Miku] "Amigurumi Miku" Making-of Video
[Hatsune Miku] "Amigurumi Miku" Making-of Video

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