Now is Your Chance to Appear Alongside the Best of the Best! “SHONEN JUMP MANGA COMPETITION” Begins!

On the front cover of the issue of Weekly Shonen Jump that went on sale in Japan on May 27, it was announced that the world manga awards “SHONEN JUMP MANGA COMPETITION” will be held in three languages. The competition is being held in commemoration of Jump’s 45th anniversary and is the first of such a competition for the magazine since its launch in 1968. The winners will be featured either in a Jump magazine or special issue. Will the winners be on par with other popular Jump manga?!

Weekly Shonen Jump is a manga magazine published by Shueisha that launched in 1968 as a magazine geared toward boys. Many masterpiece manga have come from its pages, including Rurouni Kenshin, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, and Captain Tsubasa. In January of this year, a North American version of the magazine began simultaneous distribution with the Japanese magazine for many of the most popular Jump works, including One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, which are translated to English and published as a digital version on the magazine’s website. In 1992, Jump works were introduced to Taiwan with the launch of the magazine Formosa Youth (宝島少年). In much the same way, Jump works will be published in China at the end of this year when Shueisha begins cooperating with the manga magazine OK Comics (漫画行).

Focusing on the globalization of Jump, the “SHONEN JUMP MANGA COMPETITION” will be held in Japanese, English, and Chinese (simplified and traditional). Applications for manga works are being accepted from all over the world via the web. Awards will be given out for the most popular works in each of the three languages, and the No. 1 work in each language will receive a monetary prize of 500,000 yen, with the No.1 work across all three languages receiving an additional 500,000 yen prize. Hypothetically speaking, if someone were to submit a work to all three languages and win all four categories, they can walk away with 2 million yen in prize money.

The finalists for the competition will be selected by the editors-in-chief on Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump, North America’s WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP, China’s OK Comics, and Taiwan’s Formosa Youth. The works will then be translated into Japanese, English, and Chinese, and from November to December, they will be made public on the site After this, the winners will be decided based on votes from readers. The winning works will then be published in a Jump magazine or special issue. The deadline to enter is Oct. 1, 2013. Acceptable lengths for works are 15, 19, 31, or 45 pages. For more details, please visit

In an article titled “Shonen Jump Aims to Strengthen its Works Geared Toward Young Men” published in the May issue of Nikkei BP’s magazine Nikkei Entertainment, the issue of making the balance of readers essentially comprised of young men was analysed and opinions were given. For those thinking about entering this competition, it would behoove you to keep in mind what kind of works Jump is looking for and what kind of manga readers all over the world want to read. Regarding this competition, the editorial department of Japan’s Jump had this to say: “We here at the Jump editorial department are waiting for a powerful work that will surprise us; something that will move and excite readers the world over who enjoy manga.”

What’s that? Did we hear you say that you create manga? Well, what are you waiting for? Enter the “SHONEN JUMP MANGA COMPETITION” and show your ability to the world!


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Now is Your Chance to Appear Alongside the Best of the Best! “SHONEN JUMP MANGA COMPETITION” Begins! 1
Now is Your Chance to Appear Alongside the Best of the Best! “SHONEN JUMP MANGA COMPETITION” Begins! 2

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