Get “RadiKan,” Akihabara’s Free Magazine!

The eighth issue of RadiKan was recently distributed in Akihabara. RadiKan is a local free magazine telling all about the fun in Akihabara. The eighth issue has a conspicuous cover featuring the uber-popular and highly praised game Bioshock Infinite, which has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide. This issue contains a summary of the first edition bonuses and pre-order bonuses for the Japanese version of the game.

The eighth issue also has special features such as “My First Time in Akihabara,” which is directed toward beginners, “Otaku Meal,” which teaches tricks on how to make simple and delicious meals, and “Nerds Next Door,” an article that analyzes otaku spots outside Akihabara. All of these have deep content and are absolutely worth reading. We would especially like to try making the rice cooked with odenkan (a special product of Akihabara) that is featured in “Otaku Meal.”

RadiKan is being distributed in the Radio Kaikan Main Building (on the left of the Akihabara Station Electric Town exit) and at 400 shops in the food court of Akihabara Station. If you go to Akihabara, don’t forget to pick one up.

Source: (Japanese)
Source article written by sei sato

Get “RadiKan,” Akihabara’s Free Magazine! 1
Get “RadiKan,” Akihabara’s Free Magazine! 2

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