Creator Interview: mubouou aasaa [2/2]

Creator Interview: mubouou aasaa [2/2] 4

We recently interviewed mubouou aasaa, a talented TOM Special Creator with a unique and intriguing style. If you haven’t read the first part of this interview, you can do so here:

TOM: As an illustrator, what do you focus on most?
mubouou: Drawing the lines. I think I spend nearly 60% of the time drawing up the lines. Regarding coloring, I’m particular about the lighting. I want to make it feel more 3D, so I put the shadows intuitively. It happens sometimes that a shadow may be in a weird place structurally, but I just ignore it.

However, it wasn’t always like this. Before, I used a different style. I used to focus on coloring, making pictures with thick coloring similar to oil paintings.

TOM: What made you change your style?
mubouou: There is no specific reason. I wanted to find my originality, and I was wondering if I should go on with the style I was using at that time. Then, I daringly posted a picture on Pixiv that was totally different from the ones before to see what the viewers thought about it, and to see which style they preferred, my previous style or the new line-focused style (laughs). Since my present style was better received, I decided to keep using it, and thus we arrive at the present.

TOM: There is a common image that creators tend to have pride and fixations concerning their own works. What’s your opinion?
mubouou: I’m more like, throw fixations away. Nice stuff is nice, and you can’t take in what you can’t take in. I thought that I should make efforts so that people would feel happy when they look at my work. I was looking for a new way to create work, that is also when I started using textures.

TOM: So, when you create art, the viewer’s reaction is very important to you?
mubouou: Of course. Being an illustrator, there must be things in my heart that even I don’t notice and want to express. However, I want to hear the voices of those who look at my work and I want that to influence me; those feelings are stronger. To me, illustration isn’t the purpose, it’s a means of communication. What makes me happiest is when I see that the viewer is pleased or moved by my art.

TOM: Thank you. Last question: What are your future goals?
mubouou: You might think it’s weird since I make digital pictures, but I want to publish my own book. Even though it is the golden age of the internet, having your artwork on paper has a totally different feeling in value and presence. Compared to the convenience of the internet, it has a goodness with a different vector. That’s why I long for my artbooks to be lined up on the shelves at bookstores alongside light novels. I would also like to make a game at my present company with self-designed characters. Could you resist the second part of a game you used to love but stopped playing if it’s filled with characters you designed? If I am to do it, I’d prefer to do an action game since I like them.

Check out our picture collection of the talented mubouou aasaa, and don’t forget to SUKI him! Keep it here for even more interviews with some of the most prominent creators in the otaku world!

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Creator Interview: mubouou aasaa [2/2] 1
Creator Interview: mubouou aasaa [2/2] 2
Creator Interview: mubouou aasaa [2/2] 3
Creator Interview: mubouou aasaa [2/2] 4
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