Akiba Master Certification to be Held in March!

Akiba Master Certification to be Held in March!

How much do you know about Akihabara, the otaku capital of the world? A formal examination to test applicants’ knowledge of Akihabara will take place in 23 wards throughout Tokyo on March 10, 2013. The name of the examination is the Akiba Master Certification. The exam will feature 100 multiple choice questions worth a total of 100 points.

The exam will cover a wide range of Akihabara knowledge. In total, 10 categories will be covered in the exam: General Questions, History of Akihabara, PC/TV/Arcade Games, Comic/Anime/Seiyu/Movie, Electronics, Computer/IT, Cosplay/Maid Cafe/Concerts, Idol, Model/Figure/Hobby, and Gourmet.

This time around, only the level 3 exam is being administered. The cost to take the exam in 4,200 yen. Those who pass will be acknowledged as a Level 3 Akiba Master and will also be awarded with the title of Akiba Navigator. The official site is currently taking applications for the exam as well as for submitting questions. For those who want to improve their knowledge of Akihabara, or for those who just want to show it off, this exam is the perfect opportunity!

http://press.radiokaikan.jp/?p=43421 (Japanese)

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