Cast Members Share the Inside Scoop at Commemorative Event for “Psycho-Pass” [2/3]

Each cast member then gave out interesting information about their respective characters. Seki started off by talking about one of Kogami’s unknown traits: “Right now in the show, he is a bit of a loose cannon, but originally, Kogami was an elite, so he is very good at writing.” He then went on to talk about an interesting connection between Kogami and the staff. It turns out that a staff member with beautiful handwriting wrote for Kogami in the show. Regarding Tsunemori, Hanazawa revealed, “Aka-chan is a very upright girl. She hates losing and she is easy to empathize with on many levels.” Sakurai then talked about his impressions of Makishima, saying, “Even though he is pegged as a villain, you can sympathize and understand him. From a simplistic standpoint, I think he is a cool character. However, not being able to tell what he is thinking makes him scary.” Up until this point, all three cast members were thoroughly enjoying themselves, and when they were asked, “Are you all always this cheerful even at work?” they responded, “Even if our workplace is as psychotic as the show, it’s not as painful!” to which a roar laughter erupted from the crowd.

The cast then talked about the memorable scene where Aka’s friend Yuki is killed by Makishima. When the topic was brought up, Sakurai said, “Sorry. But it had to be done, you know...” In response to this remark, Hanazawa rebutted, “I wish Aka would have shot Makishima with her shotgun,” which caused lots of laughter from the audience. Hanazawa then continued, “If she did actually shoot him, the story would have taken a very different turn, huh,” to which the audience again broke out in laughter. On this quick quip, Seki replied, “I have absolutely no idea, but dying in the line of duty is something that goes along with being a police officer, right? The audience is expecting someone to die, you know?” Changing gears slightly, Hanazawa then went on to say, “I want you to focus on how Aka-chan comes to terms with her mission.” To which Sakurai followed up with, “There is a point in episode 14 when the story between the Safety Bureau and Makishima starts to rapidly accelerate. Once this line is crossed, I wonder how the story will develop.” While elusively talking about where the story is headed, he introduced to the audience various highlights.

As the final part of the event, the cast discussed a blooper from a serious scene from episode 11 in which Kogami is transported in an ambulance. While recording the scene, Hanazawa mispronounced Makishima Shogo’s name as Kirishima Seigo. Sakurai then discussed in a playfully negative tone how at that time, Kenji Nojima (the voice of Nobuchika Ginoza) said, “The name Makishima does seem more like Kirishima, doesn’t it?” (This is in reference to the way the kanji in the name are normally read) to which the audience burst into laughter. Hanazawa tried to explain herself by saying, “That’s always the proper way to say it.” She went on to try and save herself by saying that when she looked at her script it was clearly written as Kirishima Seigo in furigana.

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