“Final Fantasy IV” Releases as an iOS App!

The Final Fantasy series is referred to as the national RPG of Japan by many fans, and it even has a huge following in countries all over the world. Now, Final Fantasy IV, the beloved installment in the series that first released on the Super Nintendo in 1991, is available as an iOS app. The app released on Dec. 20, 2012 with a price of 1,800 yen.

Final Fantasy IV features personal characters and a dramatic story, and it left a huge impact on the RPG world when it was released in 1991. Even today, its popularity stands firm. The game has been remade a number of times, with each remake becoming a hit. The new iOS app is no different and has been picking up a huge amount of attention.

Using the 2007 Nintendo DS version of the game as the base, the iOS version has seen dramatic changes including a revamped interface design, and changeable difficulty settings, as well as a complete system overhaul to include touch controls. Character voices from the 3D Nintendo DS remake have also been included. Due to the various changes, the game is even enjoyable for RPG beginners. For those who have yet to play it, as well as those who played it long ago, download the game to your iPhone or iPad now!

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http://www.4gamer.net/games/196/G019647/20121220014/ (Japanese)

“Final Fantasy IV” Releases as an iOS App! 1
“Final Fantasy IV” Releases as an iOS App! 2
“Final Fantasy IV” Releases as an iOS App! 3
“Final Fantasy IV” Releases as an iOS App! 4
“Final Fantasy IV” Releases as an iOS App! 5

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