What benefits do I get by joining TOM Premium?

All first-time members can try the membership for FREE for the first 30 days.

Below is a comprehensive list of member benefits for TOM Premium members, as well as contract renewal rewards.
Please note that they may be subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

Member Benefits TOM Premium Point Back Plan
Non-expiring TOM Points
Your TOM Points last forever!
Exclusive Discounts
Save on 90% of TOM Shop Products
Birthday Coupon
Ranked up bonus coupon for deeper discounts on your birthday!
Insider Reports
Get a behind-the-scenes look at TOM
Daily Manga Credit
Read Manga for FREE on MANGA.CLUB
Daily Crane Game Credit
Save up credits and play Akiba Catcher for FREE
Exclusive Wallpapers
TOM Original wallpapers featuring Ninja-kun!
Earn $0.50 for Every Product Review
Write reviews and earn TOM Points!
Free Figures, Coupons, and more!
Win figures from our exclusive giveaways, receive special coupons and gifts!
Revive Your Expired Points!
Revive your last batch of expired points from up to 1 year ago.

Note: Please know that only one review can be eligible per product.

Renewal Rewards TOM Premium Point Back
Renewal Gift Points 90 Day Plan: $16.50
Annual Plan: $75
Shipping Discounts 10% OFF
Base TOM Points
Higher TOM Point rate during non-promotional periods

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