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Quality tin case


It's a nice tin pencil case! Holds all the pens and pencils I need, as well as a rectangle eraser. It can hold about 10 or 12 pens/pencils, depending on their size. Unfortunately, the art is possible to chip (as you can see from the picture), so it needs to be treated with a bit of care.

Chibi Kyun Chara Love Live! Happy Maker Vol. 3
Chibi Kyun Chara Love Live! Happy Maker Vol. 3$12.00 - $36.00$9.00 - $36.00(Up to 25% OFF)

Not a Nendo petite, but just as good!


While the paint finish may make the figure look a little crude, it is VERY well done and has VERY nice attention to detail. Not a single stray bit of paint anywhere. (Which is crazy for as small as it is.) Of course, this is Banpresto we're talking about, so props to them for the usual fine work. If the finshes were a different, this would be an AMAZING figure for the price. Just can't tell you how PERFECT they are! Buy for yourself and see!

Cute, but flawed.


As a die-hard Nico fan, I simply had to have this figure when I saw it. While I never regret buying any Nico merchandise, I am disappointed with this figure.

With this figure, you get a base that can interlock with other the other girls' bases (or multiple Nico figures). Aside from the figure itself, that's it.
In order to display her, you just gentle set her on the base in a low-traffic area where she won't be violently shaked, furiously knocked over, or suffer the effects of a natural disaster which would move her off throne. OR you can forgo the base and just rest her on top of another Nico figure (she balances surprisingly well).

Now, for a mo...
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Great Figma!


What you see in the pictures is exactly what you get. Miku looks absolutely wonderful in this Figma, and is a very solid build. Articulation is perfect (as expected from Figmas), and the quality of paint and material for her clothing is amazing. My only gripe is having some difficulty setting up her wings. The peg on the arm for stand doesn't seem to fit all the way, or enough, into the wings (even with the included extension). Still a superb, beautiful figure and Miku item.

If you're thinking of buying this, well what are you waiting for?!

Very cute!


As with most nendoroids, this figure is very well painted, and absolutely adorable. However, while it may just have been my luck, it's very hard to pose her head without it tilting down.
Of course, it could also be because this nendoroid is an older one that does not have the face plate system the newer nendos have, so when you're removing that whole head, it tends to loosen it up.
While that may sound like a pain, this is still a must have Miku figure for any fan!



Stickers are BIG and look great! These aren't traditional stickers, the pieces are actually foam pieces, and come with an adhesive sheet that you cut into strips and place on the back of the "sticker" to make it a sticker. The stickers are indented (embossed?) in certain areas/lines to really make it pop. The quality overall of the stickers are superb, but I'm not sure how they hold up against moisture/water. I planned to place these on my car, but they're staying indoors, for now.

Needs styling and grip


Great wig in quality and color. Comes as three separate pieces: main and two ponytails. The main piece comes long, so trimming and styling is needed to get it to look proper. Biggest problem with the wig is that the two ponytail pieces come on jaw clips, which don't hold very well on the wig often. Not sure if it's just me, but it came off too easily just walking. Ended up having to make holes in the main piece for the jaw clips to hold well, and plan on modifying them to be permanent pieces. Otherwise, very nice wig piece.

Two sizes up!


DISCLAIMER I AM A MALE, IT IS A FEMALE FIT (my chest is hard to pull through the waist-underbust area of the top)

So I first ordered a Medium, which according to measurements, should fit me, but when I got it, it was too small! I ended up ordering an XL since I figured I could just alter it to be smaller if I needed, and it ended up fitting just right. I've heard that you should order about one or two sizes up when buying Japanese clothing, and it looks like it's true.

As for the costume itself, the costume arrived in perfect condition, and is absolutely great quality. Even down to the trim, it's all great detail. My only qualm with it are the one-size it...
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