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figma Kizuna AI
figma Kizuna AI$69.99
$0.69 cash back

Darling Ai!


She was well worth the wait. I am a sucker for pose-able figures, they can be so fun. She arrived to me in time and was bundled very carefully.

Candy Teddy Bears Plush Collection (Standard)
Candy Teddy Bears Plush Collection (Standard)$16.99 - $64.99
Up to $0.64 cash back

Peach is precious!


I looove these little sweet themed bears, and just had to have at least one! I am glad I was able to snag Peach, the little pink bear. She's so soft and I love her floopy large ears.

Smol Bebe


I am a huge lover of bears, so when I found this precious little bee bear buddy, I had to have it!!!! It's very smol and simple design, but so soft and can withstand lots of love! I hope him enjoys his new home with all his other floofy friends.

Darling little Unis


I've had my eyes on these cuties for a while, and I'm glad I kept holding off. I was able to get all 4 at such a great price. The quality is really nice. They are so soft and every little details is stunning. I love the there is a ball chain. I may throw a few of these on the Christmas tree this year.

Nendoroid Kizuna AI
Nendoroid Kizuna AI$48.99
$0.48 cash back

Virtural Best Girl


Ai-chan has captivated my heart and upon finding out she had her very own nendo, well naturally, I just had to have it!!! She's so expressive, and all her little parts are so special and fun.
I'm really excited for her 2019 nenedo release so I can pose these two cuties together in the best way possible.

AKIBA CATCHER Points$11.99 - $335.99
Up to $3.35 cash back

Good price for a not so great idea


I was awestruck by the idea of virtual crane catching, but the mechanics of it seem to be more of a scam than hard work and good fun. I tried a couple of times, but don't plan on trying again.
It's less of a hassle to just hunt on ebay for listings of machine prizes.



Got this figure as a gift for a friend, but now I'm regretting not snagging myself one. Comes with a couple of really neat and useful pieces for unlimited fun poses. I recommend this to any Conan fan!

Naturally I Nendo Need More!!!!


These expressions were a must have, not only for Umaru, but for the use with my other nendos as well!! I can't say enough just how precious and cutely detailed these face plates are. Much needed and worth every penny!

Best Lazy Girl


She is SUCH a fun treat, and an incredibly fun to pose and display nendo! All the detailed little parts that come with her are so cute. I love the expressions so much! I say this is a must have nendo!

Osomatsu-san Diorama Figure
Osomatsu-san Diorama Figure$80.99
$0.80 cash back

The Best of Bros


Was super stoked to see TOM had this figure, and was able to get it at such a good deal. I really enjoyed the anime's first season and had a hard time narrowing it down to my favorite brother, so the best and most cost effective alternative was a figure that included them all!
The quality is quite stunning, shipping was quick. I love having this up on my shelf nearest my bedside. I get a bright and full of action piece to greet me each morning!

Why the long face Pipipmi?


I love this long headed loser so much. She's quite precious and all the little extra hands are hilarious. Can't wait to put herin compromising poses.

EVA STORE Original Sushio x Eva Rebuild of Evangelion T-Shirt Collection
EVA STORE Original Sushio x Eva Rebuild of Evangelion T-Shirt Collection$83.99$69.71 - $83.99(Up to 17% OFF)
Up to $0.83 cash back



This shirt was a gift for a friend, and she loved it. The material is rather soft and feels quite breathable. It's rather pricy, but being an all over print in high quality, it was totally worth it.

Darling packaging


I'm so glad to have these figures in my collection, and getting them together at such a good deal/price.
The boxes are just as photographic as the figures, and I will try my best to keep them looking new as long as I can. I'm a sucker for figures that are poseable. I can appreciate scales, but deep down in my heart, having the ability to creature your own unique setup is the best.
I find myself posing them along with each other, and sometimes with figures from other series. It's all just part of the experience I create for myself.

Himouto! Umaru-chan 2018 Calendar
Himouto! Umaru-chan 2018 Calendar$17.99
$0.17 cash back

The absolute cutest calender ever


I got this as a gift for a dear friend, and let me tell you I wildly regret not nabbing one for myself. My favorite thing about calenders are that you can keep the pictures and have them as posters one the year is out, and she is doing just that.
I find myself looking at them and finding new things in the pictures I hadn't noticed at first when I visit.
Overall great calender and I wish it got an updated reprint someday!

My heart...!


And so my CCS figure collection expands. I was super stoked and never ran for a preorder as fast as I did for this one. She's quite precious, and every little detail brings me so much joy.
The little pink bear has to be one of my favorite accessories to come with this figure. The fact that it's so small and still articulated makes the kid in me so incredibly giddy.
Wish she had a beret and came with a little Kero. Sakura without Kero and a Beret that's almost illegal.

Hoping we see a Tomo-chan in the future!!!!

Too Cute


I'll be honest, I am a collector that buys on the basis of cutness. I'm not familiar with the series, but I'd love to see it someday soon. I had to scoop her up because she is so precious. I'm a sucker for nendoroids and had to have her in my collection.
I love her a lot, my only quip is small, and it's her head scarf doesn't sit in place very well. I was unaware that nendos at one point had magnets in their heads to keep hats/accessories on ( i.e. my older CCSakura's hat and Tomo's beret stay on snug) and was anticipating her scarf would attach similarly.
Once fiddled with, it stays in place. It just had a tenancy to slip, so I'll have to...
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Perfect little details.


This was one of my holy grail figures, and after hunting for such a long time I finally found her on TOM. She was out of stock and back in stock and out of stock, and being an older figure I thought I would never get a chance to own her but now I do!
She is just as I anticipated, well made, many super detailed pieces for endless posing possibilities.
I'm super pleased.

Endless possibilities!


I am absolutely in love with the jointing on this D.Va nendo. Just about every bit of her is articulated enough to make endless adorable poses. I missed out on her initial preorder, but was stoked to see her at a nice discount, and coupled with saved up points, I got her for a great steal.
I currently have her posed on my bedside table and I get a kick out of seeing her each morning.

Amazing figure for amazing price


She is absolutely perfect and bigger than I expected! She came cozily packaged and arrived to me a lot sooner than I imagined.



So excited for her to finally be here. She is perfect and will look lovely upon my shelf. I managed to contain myself since November, so that now I can unbox her along with Ram together. I've lost count of how many nendos I have, maybe 4-5 now. The quality is always amazing and the attention to detail always puts a smile on my face! She's definitely worth it and so much more. Glad to have her in my collection!

Osomatsu-san 2018 Calendar
Osomatsu-san 2018 Calendar$20.99
$0.20 cash back

A must have for Matsu Fans!


This is worth every cent! It's a good size and will liven up any wall. Once the year is out, you can re-purpose the monthly pictures and have several mini posters! This is a gift for someone special, and I know she's jsut gonna love it. I had to get a sneaky peaky before packing it back up and wrapping it and it's so stunning, vivid and the most exciting calendar I've ever purchased. I might have to get one for myself!



I was so excited to be able to snag a preoder of Ram, and now she is finally hear! I preordered the rerun of Rem to go along with her, but she won't be here until December ゚゚(´O`)°゜゚

She arrived to me auepr quickly! I was so surprised that she came to me safely and so soon. I have yet to unbox her, as I want to wait until Rem is here so I can unbox them together. From the box's window she looks absolutely darling. I am proud to own yet another nendoroiod!

So Cute


I love the little blushed cheeks and how big and soft her head is. I am very pleased with this cutie rabbit plush. She is perfect and I love her very much.

Fruits Girls
Fruits Girls$9.99
$0.09 cash back

Fruits Galore!!


This will be my 3rd out of three MOG illustration book(lets?) I now own! My first was KiraKira Girls. I ordered this one along with the Sweets Girls. I was super excited, as I am a big fan of these wide eye bright colored sweet girls. I was not disappointed. As an artist myself, I love to support my favorites when I am able to.
The size of this is just right, in my opinion, nothing against smaller printed art books. Every page is filled with brightly colored vivid art. The fruit motifs are so adorable, and the details in each illustrations are quite inspiring. I like to have pieces like this in my book collection for mood lifting and inspiration.

Sweets Girls
Sweets Girls$8.99
$0.08 cash back

Sweetest Girls!


This will be my 2nd out of three MOG illustration book(lets?) I now own! My first was KiraKira Girls. I ordered this one along with the Fruits Girls. I was super excited, as I am a big fan of these wide eye bright colored sweet girls. I was not disappointed. As an artist myself, I love to support my favorites when I am able to.
The size of this is just right, in my opinion, nothing against smaller printed art books. Every page is filled with brightly colored vivid art. The sweet motifs are so darling, and the details in each illustrations are quite inspiring. I like to have pieces like this in my book collection for mood lifting and inspiration.

6%DOKIDOKI Pastel Clip Set
6%DOKIDOKI Pastel Clip Set$8.99
$0.08 cash back

Little Joyful Trinkles


I love these little clippies so so much! The are brightly colored and in super cute shapes. The finish is shiny and have a snap clip for closure. The little ridges help hold on your hair and keep them snugly in place. You get exactly what you see, three pinks, three blues, two greens one yellow and one purple. You can wear a few or scatter them all around in your hair! These are just a tad bit smaller than I was expecting but I'm still 100% satisfied! I plan to order another set so I can have even more clips to wear!!! Never too many!

Update: I have since ordered my second set, and I didn't get the first assorment. I just assumed that you got what was pictures, because my...
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Super Cute


I am absolutely in love with these plastic bow clips! This is my first order ever for the brand and I was going in with high expectations. They were met for sure. I love how smooth and shiny these bows are, and they have a nice little weight to them, but they hold pretty well into my hair. There's a little comb on the inner part of the bow and it helps to keep it in place. I love that it is a snap closure. I'm not a big fan of alligator clamps that just smoosh and press into your hair. I went with the pastel set and I plan to get the other color set in the near future!

Sparkles in my eyes


Such a fun loving character, I had to show my love and support and get this figure. She arrived to me nicely packaged and in stunning condition. All her little parts are so cute and detailed. I am honestly so in awe! She's great and worth every cent! I get to happy every time I look at her.

Monthly You May 2016
Monthly You May 2016$7.99$4.38(45% OFF)
$0.04 cash back



As a huge fan of both Sailor Moon and Osomatsu-san, I simply /needed/ to have this piece (regardless of whether I can actually read it or not) in my possession. I'd make for a good coffee table decoration, if I had one that is. I'll still cherish it like I do all my books and magazines. Maybe one day I'll be able to indulge on its contents, until then I'll just merrily gaze at the pictures and make up my own stories!

Kira Kira Girls
Kira Kira Girls$9.99
$0.09 cash back



I've had my eye on this item for a while, and decided to finally just go ahead and get it! I'm a huge lover of the arts, as an artist myself looking at these colors just excited and inspires me. Each piece is very vivid, detailed and can truly brighten your day just by viewing it. I'm not sure what my plans are, but as of right now I'm keeping it on my bedside table to look at before bed or anytime I need a good cheering up.

Worth The Wait!


For some reason my review disappeared, so I thought I'd write up a quick new one!
Isabelle is such a positive, upbeat and cute character. I was super excited to receive my figure after many months of waiting! (Release was pushed back three times for me)
She's incredible! The attention to detail is ASTOUNDING with her little flushed cheeks and bell on her hair tie.
She was worth ever cent!

figma Sakamichi Onoda
figma Sakamichi Onoda$62.99
$0.62 cash back

Just right!


I got this as a gift for a special person. I opened up the box just to peak and see the status of the packaging. It's packed so nicely. The box itself is wrapped in plastic, which is great I didn't wanna get any finger prints on it at all. All the pieces from what I can tell are in perfect order. Ahh I'm so excited. I can't wait to see the look on their face when they unwrap this :^)

Update: They were so surprised and quite pleased. After further inspection we both adore this figure. It's a bit on the smaller side, but lovely nonetheless.

Nendoroid Sakura Kinomoto | Cardcaptor Sakura
Nendoroid Sakura Kinomoto | Cardcaptor Sakura$51.99 - $64.99
Up to $0.64 cash back

' v ')b


I was excited to get her! She had been going out of stock every chance I had, so sadly I got Tomoyo alone.

Ahh, but now they are finally together!
I'm super happy with my purchase. She came to me in 3 days! Packaging was super, and her box was in incredible condition!

Cant wait to get more figures here in the future!

Nendoroid Tomoyo Daidouji
Nendoroid Tomoyo Daidouji$51.99
$0.51 cash back

Worth the wait!


Wow, I am nearly speechless!
It has always been a dream of mine to collect figures, and now I am finally able to indulge in this new hobby of mine!
I am often very skeptical and wary of where I shop online, but there's a good aura about this site, and I was completely right. My lovely arrived to me ahead of schedule. I was in no rush to receive her, ahh but it was a great surprise to have her so soon!

The packaging is incredible. Lots of bubble wrap to keep her intact...and that shipping box is so fancy? (I love how it has otaku mode's logo right on it! not to mention the assembly....don't mind me geeking out I am huge fan of package design)

I am 110...
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