Ash Glaze Mino Ware Shochu Cup
Ash Glaze Mino Ware Shochu Cup$13.99
$0.13 cash back

Beautiful & elegant


This is such a gorgeous cup and it holds more than you'd think. The bottom looks like corkscrew, but it's actually made of stone, so be careful not to scratch sensitive surfaces (or use a coaster). I especially love it for tea, it has a special, relaxing atmosphere to it. It is on the heavy side.

Great if you loved the slice of life bits & fanservice


I bought this manga because I really loved the trilogy for the first series, which was on the serious side and followed the story. This, on the other hand, concentrates on the more humorous parts, and although they introduce some new characters, nothing happens. Basically, it's a series of seemingly unconnected episodes and fanservice, which I'm not really interested in and I prefer the characters of the original series anyway. If you loved the slice of life bits from the game or the anime, though, you'll probably like this, too, it's cute in its own way.

Brown Glaze Mino Ware Beer Cup
Brown Glaze Mino Ware Beer Cup$3.99
$0.03 cash back

Has a nice warm feel


It's not very big (I did measure it before buying, but it's different when you see or hold it), but it fits in my hand snugly and holds just the right amount of drink (basically half a cup). The speckles and the unevenness of color just makes it more unique, I love it. The picture is good but it gives off a much warmer and elegant vibe in person. I recommend washing it by hand as it seems to require a different amount of rinse aid in the dishwasher than the rest (everything else was dry but this was yucky) or rinsing it once more. I don't really mind because the shape makes it easy to wash. I rate 5 because I love using it.

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