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Tokyo Ghoul Book


Special Tokyo Ghoul Book

Amazing <3


I LOVE Kill La Kill and Gainax/Studio Trigger. AMAZING art work. Hilarious and amazing stories. If you love looking at artwork and creation process this is a great art book. Too bad it's not in English I might even buy another if it's English.

Don't lose your way!


Kill La Kill's Ryuko Matoi Kamui Senketsu is an amazing figure and very well done also. It is quite big with the addition of the large scissor blade but makes for an awesome figure. I think the show is amazing and just had to have something to collect. If you are simply a fan of figures and want to collect awesome looking figures or want to help the endorse Kill La Kill, this is a great one to have.



The amount of detail on this figure is amazing and well done. I am a huge fan of Tokyo Ghoul and if I could support the creators in anyway, I would, and this figure is one of the ways I chose to support it. It is pricey, but if you truly want to help the creator then I would recommend this.

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