My first figma !


Klaus is finally here !
At first i was surprised by how smooth the rotations are, not hard at all to change his position ! The only thing that surprised me the most was the size, i thought it'll be taller, it's around 2 nendo tall (yes i measured like that when it comes to figs) and it was quite hard to plug it to the arm making him stand up(hard in a way that it doesn't wanna go through his jacket or somehow just a little but don't push it too hard, it might end bad <_<)

That was still fun for a first figma, i hope to be interested in some more figma incoming ! o/

Higeki-...Who ?


With my TOM Points i could afford him, another one to my collection ! o/
He comes with 3 differents faces, multiples arms and a leg (to give a more dynamic pose), very cute and well designed, he's now waiting for his brother !
I was really surprised by the size of the box, who is smaller than the others boxes and it's a good thing because it is easier to store it. Smaller the easier ~
I have the feeling that this one is a little overpriced but when you have it in your hands, i guess we can forgive that !
I still do not regret buying it 'coz my wish is to have all of them, still a long way to go !
So, that was my review, see ya later for an other (useless) b...
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Chuuya don't run away from me ~


If there's a Dazai in my collection, it has to have Chuuya !
As a birthday gift, i am very pleased ~
Chuuya, like every nendo, comes with multiple faces that gives you the need to tease him, or to make him look like the Port Mafia Boss(Oops, he isn't, but the impression is here !) You can easily take off his hat 'coz it's not a part of his hair, so you have the choice !
Price is correct, you have to wait until a Re-run to get your hands on him (people were crazy about him, like me lol)
And without any problems about this nendo all i can say is : GO FOR IT

Finally, the lovely suicidal boy has come !


I've been struggling for months to get my hands on him, the stocks were running away from me but now...I HAVE IT MOUHAHAHA....So let's quickly review it !
This nendoroid...Is so funny !
So, Dazai comes in a nendo version with multiple faces and possibilities to put him on a funny scene, even funnier if you put Chuya in the scene ! He's the kind of nendo who "can do both" start from cuty-funny to handsome-daddy, i had no problems changing parts of the nendo, nor to make it stand up or whatever, everything is fine !
I'm really excited to see the next BSD's characters coming to make the best situation possible !
Again, no regrets buying it, do ...
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Handsome Touken Danshi figure !


Another cool guy into my collection ! o/
This figure is very well done, no flaws, his looks is handsome as always !
We can say the price may be a lil bit too high but the quality is really here when you open it, soooo...No regrets !
May i advice you to buy it using some TOM Points if you can, it'll more worth it, that's what i did iirc.
Now he's the second 1/8 figure scale from Touken Ranbu i got(with Gokotai the cutest among the Tantou...Ok this is not really true actually...They're all cute),
welcome back to my "citadel" Shokudaikiri ~ ! \(°D °) /
With his nendoroid version near it, my fangirlism level is at a high level !
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Now Yuri and Viktor are reunited for the final show !
Viktor is well made, with very good details, his big smile face is sooo cute !
A must for every Yuri!!!on Ice fan !

A katsudon in my house ! !


I preorder it and i don't regret it !
This nendoroid of Yuri is very cute, well made with beautiful details, i just had something not very right with the glasses (one of the branch was too wide open, i couldn't put the glasses on Yuri, it was fallling ! But with precautions, i could fix it easily.)
Also, i don't know if this is all new on nendo, but the little sphere that sticks the body together inside surprised me ! We have more possibilities for the pose ! Great idea !
His embarassing face is really amusing, i enjoy putting it on my others nendoroids !
This is a must-have for every fan of Yuri!!! on Ice !
Well, that was my very (not) helpfull review for...
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Masakyutie !


A new nendoroid for my Touken Ranbu collection ! Even if he only have serious faces, you can only say "He's so cute/fun !" He's very detailed and i don't have any problems with this nendo !
A must for every Touken Ranbu fan !
Let's go hunt the other Touken Ranbu figures ! o/

A very cute nendoroid !


I really like this nendo, with his serious/cute face, it's hard to look away from him, BUT (yes, there is a BUT) on my nendo, on the front strands, the color is a little more "whiter" at the end but it doesn't really bother me, and i dunno if it's normal, so i won't say anything, that's why he's doesn't really deserve a full stars rating.
But it's still a really good fig to get ! :D

He came back !


Welcome back Kogitsunemaru !He's with Honebami for now~
His multiple faces are so cute, and his clothes are so well done, the nendo is easy to manipulate, maybe the only "negative" point is the end of his hair, the tip falls sometimes but it's just when i try to change Kogi's position.
Must Have/20 !

Adorable nendoroid !


This nendo is just so cute, and so well designed, it's a must for every nendo fan and DMMD fan !

Happiness In Resonance


A very good guidebook ,even if i don't really know how to read japanese but it's still a "memory" of the serie (because there's no manga if i'm right)
The book in itself is in high quality ,every people who have loved this serie should have it !
The shipping was correct ,it didn't take too long and
I just recommend it !



I'm really satisfied of this artbook ,the illustrations are very beautiful and high quality ,every fan of Tokyo ghoul should have it ! And the price worth it!
The size is the same as a manga but that's not a problem.
And to know that this artbook will (maybe) never be edited in my country or just in english was a good reason to buy it (for me)
Go and buy it without hesitation ! \(°D °)/

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