I love her so much


If you're a cyclist and fan of Miku Hatsune you'll totally love this one!

Her design details are really awesome even for a small figure like a figma, the bike has full detailed parts, paint and stickets I totally enjoyed assembling. So much fun on posing, and very well made part details.

Another chance well taken!


I wanted to get her home since the past design, but this one is better sculpted.
The hair and pose is amazing. And love the small details, even the hidden ones ;)

This was a love championship!


Since the first day seen, the original design made me fall in love for her!

Promised to get it, since the first pictures of the prototypes was already sold!

The color and exactness on sculpting with the original illustration totally convinced me on buying it.

Goodsmile = quality

Was worried by the pose, but she is really strong on quality


The hair and crystal skirt looks impressive.
I bought by the quality on painting finish, and by being fan ot the artist style.

If you like Saitom works you must have this ;)

Bougth by impulse because low price and having points, totally satisfied


I saw many good video reviews of this one, and wanted by the variety of face expressions and accessories, to share with other figures I have.

The quality on flexible clothes is unique.

I promised to have her in Home since the first day


Since the original art was released I desired this figure, totally fulfilled my expectations on quality and impact.

The guitar is really well made, and the small details are impressive

I bought it and received a transparent display as gift, thank you!

Looks majestic!!


Now is the biggest figure I have, she totally got my attention on my figures shelves. Looks bigger than others.
I really love the pose and detail, watch out with the flag is a bit heavy but the rod is strong steel I guess.

I recommend have enough space to show her. She deserves it!

Great quality I even doubt of using it!


The printing quality of the folder is so great, that I want to frame it instead using it, for real!

An awesome option as gift

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