kureiji otaku


i like collecting these.


these capsules are really fun to open and assemble, and the figurines look cute and well detailed for that price.

Looks cool when you hold it out.


i got this as a gift for my brother and he loved it, he still uses it whenever he gets the chance when we go out for some noodles ;P



this wall scroll has stood the test of time in my room for 2 years now, and it still looks good.
For that price, i cant see why you wouldn't get it.

Mikasa Ackerman figma
Mikasa Ackerman figma$48.99
$0.48 cash back

Mikasa is the coolest.


This Figma truely capture the awesomeness of Mikasa, highly detailed for a Figma for what I've seen, and has an overwhelming number of items that can recreate a lot of awesome poses from the anime, because the joints are extra flexible in this Figma.

This is one of my favorite Nendoroids i own.


Don't lose your way, and look at this extremely cool Ryuko Matoi.
i find her extremely adorable especially given her character traits, she works with almost anything.
i like to take pictures of her with other figurines i own, its a blast.

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku 2.0
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku 2.0$39.99
$0.39 cash back

This Nendoroid is a must have.


If you collect Nendoroids, you gotta start somewhere, and this is an excellent one, and in my opinion is a must have.
you Have the very adorable and awesome Miku with her music equipment and cool face expression that can fit any other Nendoroid for mix matching.
Don't hesitate and just*Flex* DO IT

figma Asuna
figma Asuna$40.99
$0.40 cash back

Plain but still very nice.


this Figma is one of the rare ones, it has dope swords and a distinctly cute pouting face.
For SAO fans this is a must have, since its the original Asuna outfit and gear .

Brave act for sure.


Brace yourself Eren is going berserk, or so it seems for this pose hes doing.
This scale figure is extremely well detailed and colored, I inspected it every where, and the painting is almost flawless.
the price is really well worth and its really big as well.

Cool scientist poster.


you have the two main characters back to back staring into the future(or past?)
its a very freaking cool poster, i love it.

If you're a member, you need this.


Cmon now, why aren't you wearing your badge? just wear them :3
This is a must have if you're planning to cosplay a steins;gate lab member, or show off that you're a fan by wearing this on your daily cloths for other members to notice .

you like Yotsuba-chan and eating? this is for you.


I like to take these chopsticks out with me whenever i go out to eat something.
its small but perfect for that purpose, can be easily put in your pocket, and easily washable later as well.

Kitten Touch Pen
Kitten Touch Pen$3.99
$0.03 cash back

Small handy touch screen pen.


Its a good touch pen for your phone if you like using them, small and light NOW WITH 100% MORE CATS.
The strap however wasn't that useful for me, but i can see some people who would use it

No Game No Life 2015 Calendar
No Game No Life 2015 Calendar$23.99
$0.23 cash back

This made my year much better.


As a fan of NGNL this calendar was a real joy, with LOTS of ecchi pages for the months, while also providing me with cute way to keep track of my days.



For the Figma series, this Figma is one of the best IMO, I MEAN LOOK AT THE SNIPER... AND THERE'S A GUN TOO, and its Sinon (i love Sinon), its also worth to mention the color of her hair is very vivid.
This Figma is a gem, i love it.

Perfect for display on your desk.


Its small, and nicely detailed for what it is, the base is very stable as well.
Its a no brainier for me, i like Evangelion and these figurines are cheap and small.

Make your iphone safe and sexy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Perfect for those who want something cool and protective at the same time.
i found it really handy cuz it so easily, attach and de-attach from your phone without being a hassle.
one downside is, that the POWA POWA part can turn to a dark color if you hold your phone for a long time and have sweaty hands like mine.

Very adorable Sinon Nendoroid with unique parts for collectors.


very adorable and unique Nendoroid parts for collectors.
This Nendoroid actually kinda surprised me, its very flexible and can work more poses than you might think -not to mention the cute shy face- and the cool sniper.
Its stays true to Sinon's character, while being cute at the same time.



This Shiro figure from no game no life is one of the best scale figures I've ever seen, very well detailed and looks absolutely amazing on display, no matter the angle.

If you're a NGNL fan this is a must have, and totally worth the price.

Cool and cheap.


its a pretty nice magazine, that has bits of manga here and there, and comes with 2 really cool posters worth hanging in your room.

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