Love it!


It's a nice size and way softer than I expected (I like patting it).

It's a little bit less stuffed than I expected but still great for cuddling.

Love it!!!! So soft


I got Chabuchi and I absolutely love it, it's so adorable and super soft. So much softness.
It's perfectly stuffed so it's cuddly but can still fit things in it.

I almost fit my whole pack of skinny marker pens in it (but not quite).

I reccomend %100 wish I had one of theese when I was going to school.



I love this calendar, you cant tell what it looks like from the sample so i was a bit worried but its even better than i expected. Its quite big too. The art covers most of the pages with the dates at the bottom (2 months to a page) and the pages pull off so you can use them as posters. Also the art style is from the Anime and looks so awesome.

So Cute!


I love Hinata he is adorable, very good quality. Also i love how the parts of his head are separate from his neck so you don't have to take his whole head off to change the pices.

Very Adorable


I got Mi-sama, the kitty is a nice size and very soft.
Im very happy :)

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