Sea Bream Pencil Case
Sea Bream Pencil Case$28.99
$0.28 cash back

I love it!


I’m very glad I purchased this pencil case! It looks really awesome inside and out and it’s quite durable too~ The fish design is pretty realistic as shown and honestly, it made me hungry looking at it haha!

Amuse Plush Lucky Set (Big)
Amuse Plush Lucky Set (Big)$79.99 - $158.99
Up to $1.19 cash back

Really cute!!!


I'm so glad I was able to buy the 3-set! I got a Fennec fox, a Coron hamster, and a bear eating a donut! I don't think TOM has any Feneky plushes in stock right now, nor any plushes from Amuse's Himanguma series (the bear eating a donut is a part of this series)... So, I guess I got pretty lucky! I'm really happy I received such adorable new plushies :)

Nice pencil


The design of this pencil is really cool and the little acrylic charm is cute. It writes pretty good but personally, when I write, the charm kind of hits against the barrel of the pencil and is a bit noisy for me. But that could be just me, I suppose. Great pencil if you're a fan of Kagerou Project!

Kogitsune Girl Keychain
Kogitsune Girl Keychain$7.99
$0.07 cash back



The design is very cute and I'm glad I was able to purchase it! I thought it was going to be smaller but it was actually a bit bigger which I liked! I'm excited to use it.

Really Great!


These are really cute and super useful!

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