PornoGraffitti and Director Masaaki Yuasa to Attend Anime Expo 2013 as Guests of Honor!


This year from July 4-7, Anime Expo, the largest otaku convention in the U.S., will be held in Los Angeles. Anime Expo promotes anime, manga, music, and more, and draws in a diverse crowd of visitors. Just last year, over 45,000 unique visitors attended this massive event. One special feature of the event is the several guests of honor, many from Japan, who attend. Guests are announced one after another approximately a month prior to the event. Among them this year is PornoGraffitti and director Masaaki Yuasa.

On July 6, many renowned artists, including PornoGraffitti, will perform as part of Anime Expo at Club Nokia. This huge concert space is connected to the convention center at which Anime Expo is being held and can hold approximately 2,300 people. Although PornoGraffitti is exceptionally famous within Japan, this will be their first overseas concert.

PornoGraffitti got their big break in 1999 and have been proactive in anime collaborations. They are well known to anime fans for having performed the opening theme “Melissa” for the TV anime Fullmetal Alchemist and the opening theme “Anima Rossa” for the TV anime Bleach. Through such aforementioned songs, they have become familiar with fans around the globe. Fans are excited to find out what is in store for PornoGraffitti’s performance.

Director Masaaki Yuasa will also be attending Anime Expo this year. Currently, his short anime Kick-Heart has become a hot topic. The U.S. premiere of Kick-Heart will be held at Anime Expo. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn director Kazuhiro Furuhashi will also be attending.

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