Illustrator - Japan
I'm a freelance illustrator who loves dogs and cute and pop-style things.


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Mitarashi Book 6
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Mitarashi Book 5
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  • Ciao

    I drew this because I wanted to draw dogs.
    This is the correct way to walk dogs.

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  • Magic Wand

    This girl is a member of the defense team "Kara Otome" who prevent troubles on the streets. Her wand is not for attacking enemies. When she waves it around, there is a girly effect. Magic is about solving every single problem in a lovely way.

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  • My Stronghold

    No one disturbs me in this space.
    However, I can still gossip with my girls.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I began my work as a freelance illustrator in 2007.
I have experience doing character designs for mobile apps, card illustrations for social card games, book illustrations, and web comics.

I participate in Comic Market and other community events as part of the doujin circle "I no Niban Chaya" and have published full color illustration books as well as manga.

My strength is in drawing cute girls in a pop style. I'm now exploring new, unique ways of using colors.


  • Creator NameMitarashi
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapan
  • GenderMale
  • Date of Birth1982/10/30
  • Blood TypeO
  • Zodiac SignScorpio
  • Years Active6
  • RegionAround Tokyo



    - Five Stars Inc.
    Character illustrations for social RPG

    - D&D Inc.
     Monster illustrations for the social RPG "Seisenki Bureibunain"


    - Plastic surgery clinic blog
    Manga illustrations

    - Sky-link Inc.
    General illustrations for iPhone social RPG "Sekigahara Engi"


    - Chrysmela Inc.
    column illustrations

    - Reoncia Inc.
    Character design and illustration for mobile app "Cabanight"


    - Weve Inc.
    "Moenagara Gungun Mi ni Tsuku Nihon no Tetsudo ~ Nyuumonhen~"

    - Mirai Shonen Inc.
    Mobile contents and additional illustrations for mobile app "Bishojo Sangokushi" 


    - Mirai Shonen Inc.
    Mobile Application
    "Bishojo Sangokushi"
    RPG Mobile Contents
    In charge of all character designs, battle scenes, event scenes, etc.  

    - Video Publications Inc.
     『Sangokushi ~ Moe Busho Hyakka Ryouran 』


    - NHK Tensai TV-Kun MAX Bit World (2006~)
    Bitmon Duel Bitmon character design.
    Web version Bitmon Duel card illustrations

    Creator Interview

    When did you start drawing?

    I was influenced by my brother who was already drawing at that time.
    I started out tracing pictures such as Dragon Ball over a transparent pencil board.

    What are you most particular about?

    I try to use only bright, vibrant colors because I prefer bright colors.
    I'd like people to look at my illustrations and feel just as bright and cheerful.
    I hope they can feel at least a little happiness from my art.

    How long does it usually take to complete each work?

    Each illustration takes a few days to a week.
    Sometimes when a piece is really time consuming it can take up to 2-3 weeks.

    What's your muse?

    All things cute!
    Cute clothes, cute interior designs, cute interactions between people, cute gestures.
    I get my inspiration from everything cute.