Morino Hiro

Illustrator - Japan
Freelance illustrator.



  • Girl in a Dress

    An illustration depicting her hairstyle and the ornaments on her dress.

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  • 2013 New Year's Card

    Just as the title says, this is an illustration for a 2013 New Year’s card. A based it on the positive aspects of snakes for the Year of the Snake.

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  • Assassin

    I wanted to draw a character wearing a cool bodysuit, so I drew this.

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About Me

Morino Hiro

Illustrator / Japan

I mainly create commercial illustrations based on fantasy and more.
I work on creating illustrations for publications and social games in Japan.

  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderMale
  • RegionTokyo, Japan


    ■ Square Enix
    Illustrations / Designs
    Deadman's Cross
    Guardian Cross
    Sengoku IXA

    ■ Battle Spirits
    Collaboration booster “Toho Kaiju Dai Kessen”

    ■ gloops, Inc.
    “Daisenran!! Sangokushi Battle”

    ■ Square Enix
    “Deadman’s Cross”
    “Guardian Cross”
    “Sengoku IXA”
    “Monster × Dragon”
    “Sousei no Nirvaana”

    ■ Freedom Novel
    Kuro no Maoh
    Kuro no Maoh II: Alsace Bouensei
    (Author: Dairi Hishikage)
    Front cover, illustrations

    ■ Myway Publishing Co., Ltd.
    Attack on Titan Book Vol. 2 - front cover illustration

    ■ MdN 11/2013
    Character illustration design commentary

    ■ MMORPG Emil Chronicle Online
    Illustration card “Astarot” illustration

    ■ Bandai Co., Ltd.
    ・Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O DX
    “DX.5-068 Maji Red”
    “DX.1-039 Harlequin Yellow”

    ■ Takarajimasha, Inc.
    ・Bessatsu Takarajima “Densetsu no Buki/Bougu Illustration Daiji-ten”
    ・Bessatsu Takarajima “Densetsu no Shinju/Maju Illustration Daiji-ten”
    ・Bessatsu Takarajima “Special Tenshi/Akuma/Yousei Illustration Daiji-ten EX”
    ・Bessatsu Takarajima “Tenshi/Akuma/Yousei Illustration Daiji-ten”
    ・Bessatsu Takarajima “Gensou Sekai no Kamigami Illustration Daiji-ten”
    ・Bessatsu Takarajima “Genju Illustration Daiji-ten”
    ・Takarajima SUGOI Bunko
    Gensou Sekai no Kamigami Illustration Daiji-ten
    ・Bessatsu Takarajima “Genju Illustration Daiji-ten EX”

    ■ Ateam, Inc.
    ■ Rekoo Japan Co., Ltd.
    ■ Omoshiro Houjin Kayak
    ■ GREE, Inc.
    ■ Chronoscape Softbank Creative
    ■ PHP Interface
    ■ Kanzen
    ■ Seitosha Co., Ltd.
    ■ Frontier Works Inc.
    (Listed in no particular order)

    Other, publishing and game illustrations, etc.


    How did you get into drawing?

    It was when I knew of illustrators Range Murata and Katsuya Terada and got rid of the wrong impression that illustrations must be done that way or they’re no good. That was the start of my aspiration to become an illustrator.

    What are your particular about in your work?

    From a composition standpoint, the direction, performance, and setting.

    How long does your work take to create?

    20-50 working hours.

    When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    For personal illustrations, when I’m doing ordinary things with no particular relation to my work, when I’m thinking about the motifs and techniques I want to show, when I experiment to practice areas I’m not good at - various times.

    For work illustrations, I arrive at a precise image after looking at the materials on the setting given by the client who is requesting the work.