Artist - New Zealand
I'm a self taught lady artist based in New Zealand. My art is mostly inspired by fairy tale type fantasy and Lolita fashion. I use pencils, ink, markers and Manga Studio 5.



  • Beauty

    I love lolita fashion and pouring the elements I like most into my own designs, just for illustrations.

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  • Gretel

    Inspired by the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.

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  • Yumiko

    This was inspired by my love for Kawaii and I wanted to go for a simpler look.

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  • Orora

    I wanted to create a first mage character and drawing with ink was a new challenge.

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About Me


Artist / New Zealand

I'm not good with people or most things, but I really like small animals, stationery, dolls and books. I love Lolita, Fairy Kei and Dolly Kei fashion, though I don't look good in it, so I make do drawing in the style and thinking up many many dresses and outfits. I like interpreting things in my own way. I love Dal dolls and plushies, as well as any really beautiful things and kawaii aesthetics.

  • Username:Yasahime
  • Genre:Illustration, digital and traditional
  • Gender:Female


    - Lolita fashion illustration
    - Costume design
    - Figurine design
    - Create art books and manga