Sakura Suou

Illustrator - Japan
I’m from Saitama Prefecture. I try hard at various things in my pursuit of knowledge. I like lace, frills, and skirts.



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    A freely drew this original Vocaloid character.

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About Me

Sakura Suou

Illustrator / Japan

I’m from Saitama Prefecture. After graduating from a technical school of design, I began my activities as a freelance illustrator. I am mainly active online. I mainly do illustrations for social games and fanart.

Tools I use: Photoshop CS4, Clip Studio Paint

  • Creator NameSakura Suou
  • GenreIllustration
  • RegionJapan

    Work Experience

    Square Enix’s social game Seiken Densetsu Circle of Mana
    One color illustration for Toranoana fair pamphlet “Touhou Gensou Gahou Uta Kata - Fragment II”
    One illustration for Asobism’s social game Dragon League X
    One color illustration for Teas Agency’s Moeru! Yousei Jiten

    Several illustrations for Oratta’s social game Hyaku Hime Ryouran! Sengoku Asuka
    Two illustrations for Dank Hearts’ social game Magical Girls
    Illustration published in Kadokawa Shoten’s Hatsune Miku Graphics Character Collection - CV02 Kagamine Rin/Len Edition

    Credited as an illustrator on Frontier Works’ Soukuu no Frontier