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Mar 11 2016“Figure Quest” is back! Will you accept the challenge?
Mar 10 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Win a fluffy little Alpacasso!
Mar 9 2016[Shop Newsletter] You know Danboard, but have you heard of Nyanboard?!
Mar 9 2016[Shop Newsletter] So. Much. MOE.
Mar 7 2016[48 Hours Only] 8X TOM Points!
Mar 6 2016[Survey] Answer a Survey & You Could Win a TOMpacasso!
Mar 3 2016[Limited Time Only] Save on Chibi Figures!
Mar 3 2016Grab a limited edition 6%DOKIDOKI badge!
Mar 6 2016[New Plushies] Adorable Chubby Dogs & Cats!
Mar 6 2016[New Figures] Wielding wands, swords, scythes, and… traffic signs? o_O
Mar 2 2016[Limited Time Only!] Miku Day Giveaway!!
Mar 1 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Answer to Quiz #2!
Feb 28 2016FREE SHIPPING on Your First Order!
Feb 27 2016[72 Hours Only] 10X TOM Points!!
Feb 26 2016[Shop Newsletter] Sale on milklim items!
Feb 26 2016[Shop Newsletter] The new BE@RBRICK is... fuzzy?!
Feb 24 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Win a figma Link!
Feb 25 2016Super Jumbo Plushies, Super Jumbo Savings!
Feb 23 2016[Survey] Tell us about your ships and get a $5 off coupon!
Feb 23 2016[New Plushies] Kitties Designed for Hugging!
Feb 23 2016[New Figures] From Sparkling Idols to Sextuplet Brothers
Feb 22 2016[24 Hours Only!] Cat Day Deals!
Feb 19 2016[48 Hours Only] 7X TOM Points!
Feb 20 2016[Shop Newsletter] The Cutest Things to Wear, Use, & Own!
Feb 20 2016[Shop Newsletter] Fire Emblem to KanColle!
Feb 18 2016TOM Premium Outlet Sets are BACK! :D
Feb 17 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Here’s the Answer!!
Mar 11 2016[New Figure!] Saitama from One­Punch Man! (Available First on TOM!)
Feb 15 2016[Shop Newsletter] So Much to Love! Cute Bags, Figures, Plushies & more!
Feb 15 2016[Shop Newsletter] Otaku Apparel, Figures, Games & more!
Feb 13 2016Happy Valentine’s Day from TOM!
Feb 10 2016ITEM BONUS - a new way to earn TOM Points!
Feb 11 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Win Items from the TOM Premium Shop!
Feb 8 201648 Hours Only! 8X TOM Points!!
Feb 7 2016[New Plushies] Rabi-dango!! SO. CUTE. (* A *)
Feb 7 2016[New Figures] The New Snow Miku!
Feb 7 2016[24-Hours Only!] SALE Starts NOW!
Feb 6 2016[Shop Newsletter] Osomatsu-san!
Feb 6 2016[Shop Newsletter] Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Feb 3 2016[24 Hours Only!] Double Giveaway!! Win the new Snow Miku & other goodies!
Feb 4 2016[Shop Newsletter] Your Daily Dose of Kawaii!
Feb 4 2016[Shop Newsletter] Guess What's New?! :D
Feb 3 2016[3-Min. Winter Anime Survey] What Do You Think So Far?
Feb 2 2016Limited Time Sale on Special Creator Goods!
Feb 1 201614-Day Giveaway! Win Items of Your Choice!
Feb 2 2016[Shop Newsletter] From Miku to Pusheen! (& Valentine's 14-Day Giveaway!)
Feb 2 2016[Shop Newsletter] New Games, Figures, Books (& Valentine's 14-Day Giveaway!)
Jan 29 2016New Bonus Items with Plushie Sets!
Jan 31 2016[24 Hours Only!] Earn 10X TOM Points!
Jan 30 2016Sale Ends Tomorrow!

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