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Apr 22 2016Now Featuring, the Shiba Inu (aka, Doge)!
Apr 20 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Answer to Quiz #5
Apr 20 2016Swankiss Outfits for a Princess-Perfect Look This Spring and Summer!
Apr 19 2016[New Figures] DURARARA!! X2 Izaya, Miku Raspberryism ver. and more!
Apr 19 2016A kitty has wandered into your inbox! (=^. .^=)
Apr 17 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Win Items from the TOM Premium Shop! #5
Apr 17 2016A Fierce Fight Awaits Square Enix Legends!
Apr 18 2016Saint Seiya, Ikemen Series & Naruto are ripe in the Book Forest this week!
Apr 16 2016Fall in Love with Sweet, Dreamy J-Fashion
Apr 15 2016A TOM Points deal unlike any other?!
Apr 14 2016Seriously this time - introducing a new (affordable) shipping option!
Apr 13 2016An item on your wish list has an Item Bonus!
Apr 13 2016[New Figures!] Zelda, Love Live!, and more!!
Apr 12 2016[New Plushies!] Neko Atsume, Double Rainbow Alpacasso, and more!!
Apr 13 2016LISTEN FLAVOR: Cute, Crazy Fashion!
Apr 15 2016You’ve Never Seen Evangelion This Kawaii Before!
Apr 11 2016What sweet books await you in the Book Forest this week?
Apr 11 2016Celebrate for ONE MORE DAY!
Apr 10 2016It’s TODAY! Celebrate TOM’s 4th Anniversary!
Apr 9 2016[Limited Quantities] Kawaii Harajuku Fashion from 6%DOKIDOKI!
Apr 8 2016Double Rainbow Plushie Pairs! Only 100 Available!
Apr 7 2016[New Figures] Miku's New Co-de, Yay or Nay?
Apr 6 2016LIZ LISA Spring & Summer Pre Orders, Now Available!
Apr 4 2016Celebrate TOM’s 4th Anniversary!
Apr 5 2016Too Many Mugs? Never.
Apr 4 2016Just the book for you!
Apr 1 2016Starting Today, Get Your Packages Delivered By Ninjas!
Mar 31 2016[New Plushies] Collect Those Kitties!!
Mar 31 2016[New Figures] Shimmering on Stage, It's...
Mar 29 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Answer to Quiz #4!
Mar 30 2016[Shop Newsletter] The Prettiest Spring Fashion & more!
Mar 30 2016[Shop Newsletter] What's New This Week?
Mar 29 2016Earn 9X TOM Points, Save More $$$!
Mar 25 2016Easter Weekend Bonus!
Mar 27 2016The Nemuriale Sleep Aid Puppy is Back!
Mar 26 2016A New “Figure Quest” Unfolds!
Mar 25 2016Sakura Lucky Game: PLAY AGAIN
Mar 24 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Win a “Pote Usa Loppy” Bunny Plush!
Mar 23 2016[New Figures] Lucina & Miku!
Mar 22 2016Spring = ?
Mar 19 2016[Plushie Survey] Chance to win a cute cat product!! (=^-^=)v
Mar 20 2016Kawaii Animal Kitchen Tools!
Mar 19 2016[Exclusive Collector’s Items] Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Vol. 3 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray!
Mar 15 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Answer to Quiz #3!
Mar 15 2016[48 Hours Only] 10X TOM POINTS!
Mar 17 2016[Shop Newsletter] Open the Treasure Chest
Mar 17 2016[Shop Newsletter] And so, the Figure Quest begins!
Mar 16 2016[New Plushies] Chubby Doge Collecshun
Mar 16 2016[New Figures] ONE PUUUUNCH!!
Mar 15 2016[New Figures!] Miku, Kirito, and more!!