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Nov 6 2015[Store Category] Oh no! I shrunk my Rainbow Alpacasso!
Nov 6 2015[Store Categories] Sensei! I want to be as strong as you are!!
Nov 4 2015[Exclusive Offer] Introducing All New Lucky Bags!
Oct 30 2015All-Time Favorite Japanese Jewelry & Accessories!
Nov 1 2015// 1 Day Left // A Great Offer is About to End!!
Oct 30 2015[72 Hours Only] Get 5X TOM Points! (^o^)
Oct 28 2015What kind of plushies are your favorite?
Oct 29 2015[Shop Category] A special Alpacasso joins the TOM Premium Shop!
Oct 29 2015[Shop Category] The Colors of the Rainbow are on one special Alpacasso!
Oct 27 2015// 1 Day Left // Did you forget to buy anything?
Oct 27 2015[J-Fashion] Dark, cool style, perfect for the season!
Oct 23 2015You’ve Never Seen an Alpacasso Like This! NEW Alpacasso!
Oct 24 2015// Otaku Shop App // Here’s Your Chance to Get 5x TOM Points!
Oct 24 2015[Store Categories] The Autumn Leaves and Prices are Falling!
Oct 24 2015[Store Categories] Let the Fall Discounts Begin!
Oct 21 2015[October Weekly Promotion] The Alpacasso has Spoken!
Oct 21 2015[Up to 50% OFF!] The HAPPY FALL SALE Has Begun! (*^O^*)/
Oct 22 2015Splatoon amiibo Have Been Restocked!
Oct 21 2015[Special Notice!] Get Popular Figures at a Bargain Price!
Oct 20 2015Invite as Many Friends as You Can!
Oct 20 2015[Exclusive Offer] Figure Lucky Bags Are On Sale!!!
Oct 19 2015[Store Category] Get ready for 2016 with your favorite anime stars!
Oct 19 2015[Store Category] Pick up your anime-filled calendar for 2016!
Oct 17 2015New J-Fashion Brands & LIZ LISA 16th Anniversary Items!
Oct 16 2015[72 Hours Only] Get 3X TOM Points! (o^^o)/
Oct 15 2015[October Weekly Promotion] The Alpacasso Says…!
Oct 15 2015Searching for the Perfect Figure Case?
Oct 14 2015[Few Hours Remain] Your Chance to Win Hard-to-Get Figures!
Oct 13 2015[October Weekly Promotion] Did you guess the Mystery figure right? Find out now!
Oct 10 2015The Birthday of Super Ninja Hero Naruto is Oct. 10!
Oct 9 2015[72 Hours Only] Get 5X TOM Points! (*^^*)
Oct 8 2015[October Weekly Promotion] Name the Mystery Figure!
Oct 10 2015[Store Category] Weekends are the best time for picking up extra points!
Oct 10 2015[Store Categories] Ready to earn big points during the weekend?
Oct 13 2015Win a Trip to Japan! Support Visual Novel Series Muv-Luv on Kickstarter!
Oct 9 2015[J-Fashion] Top New Items From Top Japanese Brands!
Oct 6 2015Luxury TOM Premium Shop Items for First-Class Otaku.
Oct 6 2015[Limited Quantity] Secret Lucky Bag Sales Start…!
Oct 2 2015This is Truly Your Last Chance!
Oct 4 2015[24 Hours Only] Evangelion 20th Anniversary Celebration!
Oct 1 2015Are you the TOM Quiz Meister? The Answers are here!!
Oct 3 2015[Store Categories] Create a bento that's one step beyond!
Oct 3 2015[Store Categories] Is your favorite figure back in stock!?
Oct 1 2015[Store Categories] For 3 days only... We have a special offer for you!
Oct 1 2015[Store Categories] Don't tell anyone! We've got a secret sale...
Sep 30 2015[1 Day Left!] Shop Before the Sale Ends!
Sep 30 2015[Sale!] Latte Kittens! (=^ - ^=) Have You Seen Them Yet?
Sep 30 2015Will Sell Out Again! -- Rare Figures Restocked! --
Sep 29 2015// New Figure // Marth from the Fire Emblem series is ready for action!
Sep 28 2015This is a Secret, Just Between Us!

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