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Aug 11 2015[Store Categories] Magazines of your choice!
Aug 11 2015[Store Categories] Click-clack, swish, bzz, Meow!! Otaku gadgets of all kinds!!
Aug 9 2015[TOP 10] Figure Ranking!!
Aug 8 2015[TOP 10] Art Book Ranking!!
Aug 10 2015[New Items] Our secret J-fashion sale just doubled in size!
Aug 8 2015[Special Offer] Secret J-fashion deals just for you!
Aug 7 2015[Limited time offer] 3x TOM Points for 3 days only (^^)!!
Aug 5 2015New Free Bonus: Official LIZ LISA Shop Bag!
Jul 30 2015We Secretly Added Products (*^^)v
Jul 29 2015[Limited Stock] Plushie Lucky Bags Are Here!! // TOM Premium Outlet //
Jul 29 2015Have you gotten a 10% OFF coupon & FREE figure case yet? (^^
Jul 30 2015See PeachMilkyTea's Top Picks!
Jul 29 2015[Store Categories] Small and charming figures.
Jul 29 2015[Store Categories] Otaku Reading?
Jul 28 2015[Special Offer] You’re the first to know!
Jul 27 2015Want to Use Your TOM Points?(^^)
Jul 28 2015The LIZ LISA Summer 2015 Lucky Bag is our best deal yet!
Jul 27 2015[Lucky bags] “Artastic” bag full of illustrated goodies!!
Jul 25 2015[Today's Featured Items] Fashion
Jul 25 2015[Today's Featured Items] Stationery & Knick-Knacks
Jul 25 2015[Today's Featured Items] Plushies
Jul 26 2015This Week’s Rare Figures Inside!
Jul 25 2015The Entrance to Our Secret Sale is This Way! (^o^)
Jul 24 2015Did You Know? You Can Get Double TOM Points!
Jul 24 2015// TOM Shop App // Here’s Your Chance to Get 5x TOM Points!
Jul 24 2015// New Figures // Attack On Titan, Your Lie in April & Bakemonogatari (*^^*)
Jul 27 2015[Store Categories] Thrilling lucky bag experiences available!
Jul 27 2015[Store Categories] Lucky bags galore!
Jul 23 2015Love Japanese Fashion? Win Free Magazines!
Jul 22 2015Win an Autographed Postcard!
Jul 22 2015Don't miss out on our special discount offer!! (^o^)
Jul 23 2015[Store Categories] Did you get your Alpacasso badge?
Jul 23 2015[Store Categories] Hatsune Miku in motion!
Jul 21 2015[Store Categories] collect as many kitties!
Jul 21 2015[Store Categories] Pages of stunning anime art.
Jul 22 2015[Store Categories] 'Puurfect' furniture.
Jul 22 2015[Store Categories] Decorate your figures!
Jul 19 2015[Featured Items] Movies & Music
Jul 19 2015[Featured Items] Toys & Hobbies
Jul 19 2015[Featured Items] Gaming
Jul 19 2015[Featured Items] Home Goods
Jul 19 2015[Featured Items] Books
Jul 19 2015[Featured Items] Figures & Dolls
Jul 19 2015[Featured Items] Fashion
Jul 19 2015[Featured Items] Plushies
Jul 19 2015[Featured Items] Stationery & Knick-Knacks
Jul 19 2015[Featured Items] Art Prints
Jul 21 2015[Store Categories] Art books installed!
Jul 21 2015[Store Categories] New figures or rare figures?
Jul 20 2015[Store Categories] Adorable plushies with a little surprise!