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Sep 30 2015Will Sell Out Again! -- Rare Figures Restocked! --
Sep 29 2015// New Figure // Marth from the Fire Emblem series is ready for action!
Sep 28 2015This is a Secret, Just Between Us!
Sep 28 2015[Limited Stock] The most popular figures are back on shelves!
Sep 26 2015[Three Days Only!] Special prices for cute cat bags, purses, and wallets!
Sep 25 2015[Restocked!] Nendoroid Aoba & Ren (Re-Release) w/ Free Display Case [Pre-order]
Sep 25 2015Popular Figures Have Returned!! Miku, Nanoha, and more!
Sep 24 2015[Fashion] This Week’s Best Sellers
Sep 24 2015[Subscribers Only] Become a TOM Quiz Meister and Win Otaku Items!!
Sep 22 2015[Subscribers Only] Become a Quiz Meister and Win Otaku Items!!
Sep 18 2015[Restocked!] Ganondorf and Zero Suit Samus amiibo
Sep 19 2015Surging Top Figures Countdown!
Sep 23 2015[Store Categories] Get your spook on with amazing cosplay items!
Sep 23 2015[Store Categories] These discounts will give you goose bumps!
Sep 17 2015// 1 Day Left // Find Your Best Plushie Partner!
Sep 18 2015[Download Games] Get your Steam on with Japan made games!
Sep 20 2015[5X TOM Points] Don’t Ignore This Deal!
Sep 18 2015[Limited time offer] 5x TOM Points for 3 days only (^^)!!
Sep 15 2015// New Figures // Touken Ranbu & Haikyu!! (o^o^o)/
Sep 17 2015Enter Our Quiz! Win Zelda Prizes!
Sep 15 2015// New Figures // Touken Ranbu & Haikyu!! (o^o^o)/
Sep 15 2015[J-Fashion] Color of the Week: Blue!
Sep 15 2015[Store Category] Start looking into the future with our selection of Japanese Calendars!
Sep 15 2015[Store Category] It's never too early to prepare for the next year!
Sep 13 2015The Clock is Ticking!
Sep 11 2015// 3 Days Only // 3X TOM Points Deal on Now!
Sep 12 2015[Store Category] Get the weekend TOM points bonus for 3 times the discount!
Sep 12 2015[Store Category] Rack up TOM points during the weekend!
Sep 10 2015// New Figures // Hestia-sama, Eila and Eriri !!
Sep 9 2015New omake bonus stickers come with every order!
Sep 9 2015// New Figures // Chibi Kyun Chara Love Live! Lesson Wear! Vol. 3 [Pre-order]
Sep 9 2015Brand New LIZ LISA & Bonus Gifts For You!
Sep 8 2015// New Figures // Is the Order a Rabbit?, Love Live! and Persona 3 (^^)
Sep 7 2015Color of the Week: Pink! New daily deals all week long!
Sep 6 2015[Store Categories] There's a kawaii plush for every personality!
Sep 6 2015[Store Categories] An ensemble of otaku Magazines!
Sep 4 2015// New Figures // Miku & Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (^o^)
Sep 3 2015All new Digi-Month is starting this Friday!
Sep 2 2015[Subscribers Only] Last chance for Lucky Bags!!
Sep 1 2015// New Figures // Nendoroid Kirby & Mega Man (*^^*)
Sep 2 2015[Store Category] Who's your favorite Nintendo hero?
Sep 2 2015[Store Category] BE@RBRICK gone wild!
Sep 1 2015[Stock is Low!] Sword Art Online Tumbler
Sep 1 2015[Stock is Low!] Monogatari Anime Series Heroines - Book 5: Hitagi Senjogahara
Sep 1 2015[Stock is Low!] Nendoroid Noel
Sep 1 2015[Stock is Low!] Soul Track Jacket
Sep 1 2015[Stock is Low!] amiibo Super Smash Bros. Wave 4 - Pac-Man
Sep 1 2015[Stock is Low!] ex:ride Spride.06 - TT-Zero 13 Kai
Sep 1 2015[Stock is Low!] Soot Sprites Spirited Away
Sep 1 2015[Stock is Low!] Gokigen Ferret Plushies (Big) Fel

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