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Jan 16 2016Subscribers Get Coupons! (Yay!)
Jan 17 2016Only A Few Left! (Plushies)
Jan 17 2016Only A Few Left! (Figures)
Jan 15 2016[72 Hours Only] 5X TOM Points!
Jan 16 2016[Shop Newsletter] Start the New Year with These Cuties!
Jan 14 2016Limited Time Deals!
Jan 13 2016[1 Day Left!] Lucky Bag Sales Are About to End!!
Jan 13 2016[Early Notice!] January Clearance Sale!
Jan 8 2016New Years Edition TOM Special Creator Lucky Bags are Here!!
Jan 11 2016[Survey] Please Tell Us What You Think! (^-^)/
Jan 10 2016[Store Categories] figma Link, puppy plushies, and more!
Jan 10 2016[Store Categories] figma Link, Super Sonico, and more!
Jan 9 2016// Black Butler // Sebastian Michaelis Cast Doll
Jan 8 2016Zelda Fans, The New Figma Link is Here!!
Jan 6 2016[Store Categories] Spruce Up Your Agenda with Rilakkuma Stationery!
Jan 6 2016[Store Categories] Get Ready For All New Figures in 2016!
Jan 2 2016Speaking of the New Year… LUCKY BAGS!!!
Dec 30 2015[Coming Soon!] New Lucky Bags on New Years’!!
Dec 29 20153 Days Left of Our Big Year-End Sale!
Jan 3 2016[Store Categories] Start the New Year with a Bag Full of Surprises!
Dec 25 2015LISTEN FLAVOR Lucky Bag Version 2!
Dec 25 2015Happy Holidays from Tokyo Otaku Mode!
Dec 24 201548 Hours Only! Happy Holidays Sale & 20X TOM Points Offer!
Dec 23 20152015 Most Popular Ranking! These are the Top 10 from the TOM Premium Shop!
Dec 22 2015[Streaming LIVE!] The TOM Santa is Traveling from Japan to Deliver Gifts!
Dec 22 2015// 1 Day Left // Get 20X TOM Points!
Dec 21 2015Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Collaboration Sunglasses MK-001
Dec 21 2015Free Display Case & 10% OFF Coupon Promotion Ends Soon!
Dec 20 2015[J-Fashion Sale] Our coolest boots & shoes!
Dec 20 2015[Discounts & Promotions] Find the best deal for you!
Dec 19 2015[Store Categories] The Holidays are Better with Adorable Animal Friends!
Dec 19 2015[Store Categories] Get Hype for TOM Exclusive Street Fighter Gaming Glasses!
Dec 17 2015[Store Categories] Special Sales and Promotions are Going on at the Same Time!
Dec 17 2015Art Books for Girls!!
Dec 16 2015// Rare Item // Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Cel Frame Artwork!
Dec 16 2015Let TOM Know Your Dream Figure and Get a $5 Coupon!
Dec 15 2015Special Lucky Bags are Running Out Quick!
Dec 15 2015Buy 2 or More Items, Get 20X TOM Points!
Dec 14 2015// 24 Hours Only // Green Monday - Get 20X TOM Points!
Dec 14 2015Official LIZ LISA Lucky Bags now available for pre-order!
Dec 12 2015[TOM Exclusive] A Backpack Full of All Things Creative!
Dec 13 2015[Store Categroy] Flip Through December 2015 Magazines Here!
Dec 13 2015[Store Category] 2015 Sakura Exhibition Posters
Dec 11 2015New LIZ LISA Lucky Bags Coming Soon!
Dec 11 2015Number 1 Bishoujo Cosplayer Otogi Nekomu!
Dec 9 2015// 1 Day Left // Chance to Win $500 Worth of Gifts!
Dec 7 2015A Chance to Win Up to $500 in Items of Your Choice! Everybody is Eligible!
Dec 5 2015TOM x Star Wars Giveaway!!
Dec 4 2015Share Your Wish List and Santa Might Pay You a Visit?!
Dec 6 2015Super Jumbo Plushies! Buy With Another Item for 10x TOM Points!
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