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Jun 8 2016Tokyo Otaku Mode Is Coming to Anime Expo 2016!
Jun 7 2016[Book Forest] Pro-tips for Artists & Art Book for Fans!
Jun 7 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Win a coupon from the TOM Premium Shop! #8
Jun 5 2016Announcing the winner of amiibo Fest!
Jun 4 2016The Start of Summer sale is almost over!
Jun 2 2016[New Figures] Sonico Racing Ver, Osomatsu-san, Fate/Apocrypha and more!
Jun 2 2016[Free Shipping Giveaway!] EMS pricing has gone up, but we won’t let it get you down! ^^
Jun 1 2016Surprise! More Deals to Enjoy This Summer!
Jun 1 2016Forgetting about 10X TOM Points offers can be dangerous ;w;
May 30 2016♡ And the Ultimate Waifu is… ♡
May 30 2016[New Plushies] Pote Usa Loppy, Alpacasso, and more!
May 30 2016[Last Day!] EMS pricing goes up tomorrow! + FREE shipping coupon giveaway! o(^-^ o)
May 29 2016Team Samurai is accepting a few final members!
May 28 2016Earn Up to 50% Back in TOM Points!
May 27 2016[Read Now!] We’ve got bad news and good news o(>~<)o
May 26 2016[Top 16 Waifus] Vote in the Semi-Finals TODAY!
May 26 2016Things are starting to heat up here at TOM!
May 25 2016Angelic Sailor Uniforms That Give You Wings!
May 24 2016Is your waifu the ultimate waifu?
May 24 2016He's powerful... He'! Yup, you've guessed it - he's Kirby!
May 24 2016ITEM BONUS - the new selection is here!
May 23 2016[Last Chance] Invite Friends for Double the Points!
May 21 2016[Hurry!] This Month’s Bestselling Looks Are Almost Gone!
May 20 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Answer to Quiz #7
May 19 2016These purr-fectly cute kitties are ready for summer!
May 19 2016Hey, Internet Stars! ✩ Become a TOM Affiliate & Earn $$$!
May 19 2016[New Figures] KonoSuba, Fate/Zero and more!
May 18 2016(o ^-^)o [10X TOM POINTS UPDATE] o(^0^ o)
May 18 2016Check Out the Wonderful World of Pop-kei!
May 17 2016[1-Question Quiz!] Win a coupon from the TOM Premium Shop! #7
May 16 2016COLLECT ALL THE MERCH! \(^O^)/
May 16 2016Pre-orders for Samurai Armor Hoodies are closing soon!
May 15 2016Callie, Marie and More Splatoon amiibo Pre-orders!
May 15 2016Gorgeous Canvas Art from Anohana’s Masayoshi Tanaka!
May 15 2016Talk to TOM! Win a $10 coupon!
May 13 2016Psst... Are you ready to earn some serious TOM Points?
May 14 2016Love Frenchies & J-Fashion? Meet Buburin from FLAPPER!
May 13 2016FEEL THE NOSTALGIA! New Rascal the Raccoon Merch! <3
May 13 2016Could these truly be socks?!
May 12 2016[Last Chance!] Bargain-priced Double Rainbow Alpacasso plushie pairs
May 12 2016Win an exclusive Samurai T-Shirt!
May 11 2016Message from Director of J-fashion brand, Ank Rouge!
May 11 2016[LAST DAY!!] Golden Sale & Daily Treasure Hunt!
May 10 2016[3-Question Quiz] Here’s the Answer!
May 9 2016Open a book and escape into another world ~
May 8 20161 or more item(s) in your Wish List has an ITEM BONUS!
May 7 20166%DOKIDOKI wants to hear from you!
May 6 2016LIZ LISA May Pre-orders - Get your closet ready for the beach!
May 6 2016[3-Question Quiz] How well do you know kawaii products?
May 5 2016GOLDEN SALE // More products on sale! Special sets just added!
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