Designer / Illustrator - Japan
Illustrator / Designer / "SEiTEKiSATSUi"


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hima://KAWAGOE Art Canvas Board
hima://KAWAGOE Art Canvas Board
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hima://KAWAGOE Drawing Art Board
hima://KAWAGOE Drawing Art Board
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Legal Pistol Clutch Bag
Legal Pistol Clutch Bag
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Bouquet Dress
Bouquet Dress
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Clean Room Tunic
Clean Room Tunic
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About Me


Designer / Illustrator / Japan

I was born on Aug. 7, 1989, in Old Shimizu, Shizuoka Prefecture. I now live in Meguro. I love raw fish. While illustration is my main forte, I’m involved in all kinds of activities, such as graphics design, product designing, photographing, and running a music label.
My main activities include representing the indie brand SEiTEKiSATSUi, the *TIMETRAVELLER* series, and Time Capsule Records. My dream is to host a radio program one day.
I accept jobs from worldwide.


  • Creator Namehima://KAWAGOE
  • GenreIllustrator / Designer
  • NationalityJapan
  • GenderSecret
  • Blood Type0
  • Date of BirthAug. 7, 1989
  • Zodiac SignLeo
  • RegionTokyo

    Personal History

    March 2011: Tenderly Thingummy “resister” - jacket illustration
    August 2011: “Rapstar Entertainment 1 / Rap Bito” - back jacket illustration
    April 2012: Giri Giri Exhibition F20♥︎virgin
    November 2012: Kimochi Ii Exhibition Vol. 1
    May 2013: Kimochi Ii Exhibition Vol. 2
    October 2013: “Sayonara Internet” T-shirt design for apparel shop zigg
    November 2013: JuJu Fam Mag - art direction & design
    December 2013: Plotter Vol. 3 - cover illustration
    February 2014: one-man exhibition “Kimochi Feel so Good -Hitomi no Naka no Kaiko Ten-”
    April 2014: Shibuya Parco Part 1 - Gyft pop-up
    May 2014: publication in Illustration 2014
    June 2014: release of “Electricblues” by Time Capsule Records - illustration, design, distribution
    October 2014: Shibu Karu Festival 2014 - participating creator / Gyft pop-up Vol. 2 / 2.5D The Test Combined Exhibition / WOmB presents Saolilith no Oshare Otsu Kankei Vol. 2 performance


    Why did you become a creator?

    I wanted to try it by any means.

    What are your fixations?

    I try not to give a personality to the characters in my pictures. Instead, I like expressing the period, lifestyle or character through accessories and fashion.

    How long does it take for you to draw an illustration?

    1-5 days. I wish time would be objective.

    When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    When I'm walking, or when I'm on the train or in a cafe.