Illustration & Music Creator - Japan
I’m an illustrator and a musician. 
“pomodorosa” is the project name of my works.


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  • Kakuriyo no Mijikai Uta

    Published by Gagaga Bunko on May 17, 2013. I was responsible for the cover page and illustrations in Yashiro Ohkuwa's "Kakuriyo no Mijikai Uta."

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  • Satellite

    On Twitter, we got excited about space conquest, so I made that and the topic that came up with space conquest into a picture.
    Since it turned better than I thought, I picked this.

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  • muted air

    I drew this in the image of cold winter mornings.

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  • play
    Cherry Blossom Front

    I made a song themed around sakura blooming.

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  • The Rain that Just Won't Stop

    We formed a band called Isopons in spring - this is one of our songs.

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About Me


Illustration & Music Creator / Japan

Even though I majored in graphic design at Tama Art University, I opened my eyes to band activities and experimental music, and, however unlikely, my graduation work was a music work.

After that, I became interested in interactive art and sound installations. So in order to acquire the programming skill for that, I entered an IT company in Kansai.

However, because of my fickle nature and my recklessness, I suddenly decided that I wanted to be a singer-songwriter, and I quit the company and returned to Tokyo.

After returning to Tokyo, I was lucky and a friend introduced me to a CM music producer, and from then on, I became a composer and arranger for CM music.

Although as a CM music writer I was smoothly building my career, because the great earthquake on March 11, 2011, I lost my job for a while. At that time, I started drawing illustrations as a hobby and began posting my illustrations to the illustration SNS, Pixiv.

Half a year after the earthquake, I got my job of being CM music writer back. However, I gradually uploaded more and more illustrations to Pixiv and Tumblr and started doing cover illustrations of stories and light novels and character designs as a side job.

To make good use of my experience I obtained with my music and illustration jobs, I formed the indie band “Isopons” in spring 2013. At present, I am exploring for a project to fuse my work into multimedia, such as music, illustrations and videos.


  • Creator Namepomodorosa
  • GenreIllustration, Music
  • Zodiac SignTaurus
  • Years Activeplease refer to self-introduction
  • Area of ActivityTokyo
  • Comment

    I want to do various projects that don’t fall into one genre, for example, collaborating with a Vocalo P or, on the contrary, become a Vocalo P and try and make a songs about illustrators.