Miya Ayuco

Illustrator/Manga Artist - Japan
I freelance as a manga artist and illustrator. I currently illustrate 4-koma manga and books, as well as for products and more.


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8 x 3 Storys
8 x 3 Storys
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Couple Ramen Menma!
Couple Ramen Menma!
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  • 2012 New Year’s Card

    This is a bit old, but it’s an illustration of a 2012 New Year’s card. I’m still happy with the illustration now.

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  • Aurelia

    This is art I drew for work. I remember the character design was extremely fun.

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  • Devil Sisters

    Because they are original characters that I designed a long time ago, I have an attachment to this piece. I love the feeling that these devil girls have both a coolness and cuteness to them.

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  • 2013 New Year’s Card

    This is an illustration I drew for a 2013 New Year’s card. This is of Suwahime, Nagano Prefecture’s mascot character that I helped draw comics and illustrations of.

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  • Welcome!

    I challenge myself to draw wondrous things. I’m still a bit inexperienced, but I have fun when I draw.

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About Me

Miya Ayuco

Illustrator/Manga Artist / Japan

Born Nov. 28. Blood Type O. Resides in Tokyo.

I previously graduated from a design college, and now I am a freelance manga artist and illustrator.


  • NameMiya Ayuco
  • GenreManga/Illustration
  • GenderFemale
  • Tools

    PC Specification: Windows 7 / Intel Core i7 / 16GB Memory, Software: (Manga) Comicstudio EC (Illustration) Basically CLIP STUDIO PAINT for main art and PhotoshopCS6 for modification, Tablets: WACOM Cintiq 24HD and the left-handed device G13 Advanced Gameboard is a current favorite.