Laica Chrose

Illustrator - Brazil


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  • Parhelion〜幻日

    (Kent paper, sign pen, pencil, Photoshop)
    Parhelion is the atmospheric optical phenomenon when it looks like there are three suns in the sky.

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  • Iridescence〜彩雲

    (Kent paper, sign pen, pencil, Photoshop)
    Iridescence is the atmospheric optical phenomenon when the clouds are painted rainbow colors by the nearby sun.

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  • Magical Whishes

    (Kent paper, sign pen, pencil, Photoshop)
    Sakura Exhibition 2014 Tokyo Otaku Mode Prize & ARTs*LABo Prize winning piece

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  • .White.Spell.

    (Kent paper, sign pen, pencil)
    A character of a manga I'm conceptualizing at my own pace.

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  • Amongst the Skies

    (Comic Studio, Photoshop)
    A tale of two brothers embarking on a journey in a dream-like world all by themselves. I'm also conceptualizing this at my own pace.

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About Me

Laica Chrose

Illustrator / Brazil

I studied at an art university in Tokyo.
After graduating the design department, I moved to Hong Kong.
I draw my analog illustrations using mostly pencil. I use Photoshop for digital illustrations.

I get excited by unicorns, ball joint dolls, handmade accessories, antiquities, ruins, scary folk tales, machinery, and old books. I like getting in touch with cultures different from mine.


  • Creator NameLaica Chrose
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityBrazil
  • GenderFemale
  • Date of BirthJuly 4
  • Blood TypeA
  • Zodiac SignCancer


    What are your fixations?

    I especially obsess about the eyes and lips.
    Eyelashes and catchlights can change the impression of the whole illustration, so I always start with the character’s face.
    I often wait on the composition and motifs until after I’ve decided on the facial expression.

    When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    When I’m listening to music,
    when I’m killing time in a bookstore,
    when I’m relaxing in a cafe,
    when I get in touch with nature,
    and when I’m surrounded by things I like.