Figure Photographer - Italy
Hi everyone!  My name is Grishnakh.  I am a photographer and a collector of figures. My intent is to extract, in the best way, the soul of my very precious figures.



  • Reflection

    Anaru is a vanity girl, and which is the better way to show this? Of course, by admiring her image reflected in the mirror! She seems very satisfied.

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  • Fruit

    Haruno is one of my favourite figures. It's fun to photograph her because I can have many interesting and amusing compositions.

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  • Time is still

    This photo was achieved by using a warm colour emphasizing the old-like atmosphere. The clocks are still, each with their own time, and the book which Akane is holding, tells a story repeatedly, going back in time whenever she wants to read it again.

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  • Yozora

    Yozora is holding her manga, but although she's a student, it's an alternative way to demonstrate her favourite readings.

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  • Too hot!

    Yune is in a terrible situation. Like all small children, she wanted to browse around and ended up in the pan!!!

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About Me


Figure Photographer / Italy

I am very fond of anime, manga and Japanese culture for many years and have begun to collect figures in 2012.  I started to take pictures and making myself known in various communities.
So, I united two great passions, photography and collecting, giving origin to something which gives me great satisfaction.  I adore my collection which is in continuous expansion!
Beyond this, I am a philosophy student and comics writer.  In 2013, I received a contract from a publishing house in Italy.  Very soon I will publish my first work but I hope one day to be able to publicize even abroad, perhaps in Japan.
I hope you like my pictures and continue to follow me!  I wish to find many people with my own interests.

  • Username:Grishnakh
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Experience: Since 2012
  • Genre:Figure Photographer
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth:18 January
  • Nationality:Italian
  • Camera:Canon EOS 1100D


    2014 - Participated at the Figubo photo exhibition at Trutnov, Czech Republic (from 2nd September to 5th October)
    2014 - Joined to "Project Snap Fig" of
    2014 - "Artist of the Day" on DeviantART (12th May - 2nd June)
    2014 - Participated at the Animefest exhibition which took place at Brno, Czech Republic
    2014 - Featured on figure-photography group in the month of April
    2014 - "Picture of the Day" award on MyFigureCollection (26th April - 1st June - 13th June - 22nd July - 4th August - 15th September)
    2014 - Featured on aRt's Creation - Magazine N°3
    2014 - Featured on Good Smile Company (English) Facebook Page (5th January - 24th January)
    2013 - Winner Second Place in the contest organized by
    2013 - "Picture of the Week" award on MyFigureCollection (from 1st December to 7th December)
    2013 - Featured #figurefridayfavorite on Google+ (8th October)
    2013 - "Coolest Pic of the Day" on Newsletter of Tokyo Otaku Mode (15th September)
    2013 - "Artist of the Day" on DeviantART (10th August - 31st October)
    2013 - "Picture of the Day" award on MyFigureCollection (28th July - 5th December - 20th December)
    2012 - Finalist in a photographic contest organized by
    2012 - Begun collecting