Chuya Koyama

Manga Artist - Japan
"Space Brothers" is being serialized in weekly magazine "Morning"! You can try it with free preview at Chuya Koyama's official webiste!



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About Me

Chuya Koyama

Manga Artist / Japan

Birth date: Sept. 30, 1978 (Libra)
Hometown: Kyoto

Favorite musicians: Unicorn, Magokoro Brothers, Flower Companyz
Favorite movie: Apollo 13

I debuted as a manga artist in 2006. After “Harujan” and
“GGG” were serialized, I started serializing “Space Brothers” in
2007 in the weekly magazine “Morning.”

“Space Brothers” was also made into a TV anime that is broadcast every
Saturday at 5:30 p.m. on Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV networks. The work
has a wide fanbase all over the world and is broadcast in over 20

In 2012, a live-action movie adaptation was also made. Thanks to NASA
and JAXA, it was recorded at large-scale on-site locations. The
worldwide rock band Coldplay offered the theme song, and the movie
became a big box-office success.


  • UsernameChuya Koyama
  • Date of BirthSept. 30, 1978
  • HoroscopeLibra
  • Area of ActivityJapan
  • HometownKyoto

    Main Works

    2006: "Harujan"
    2007: "GGG"
    2007: "Space Brothers"


    14th Manga Open: Judge's Award (Seizo Watase Award) for "GGG"
    14th Manga Open: First Prize for "Gekidan Jet's"
    56th Shogakukan Manga Award: General category
    35th Kodansha Manga Award: General category