Hashimoto Suzu

Illustrator - Japan
Nice to meet you! I’m Hashimoto Suzu. I’m an illustrator. I’d be happy if from my static drawings you enjoy the story outside of what exists in the frame!


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  • Home Town Forest

    I first drew this piece using a ballpoint pen. I wanted to draw a girl who wasn’t walking herself, but was rather being walked by a dog. Personally, I was worried about what I wanted to draw after this, and I certainly would have liked guidance as well. Without knowing how to best use the ballpoint pen, I drew this by trial and error. It’s called “Home Town” because it is the dog’s home town.

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  • Yearning

    I wanted to draw a cool-looking sphinx that appears suddenly within the forest. Truth be told, I want to see a sphinx like this one. The title “Yearning” doesn’t apply to the girl, but rather the dog’s “yearning” to see it. I tried using experimental line patterns and gradation in the sky, but I don’t think it worked very well...

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  • Scary

    I couldn’t decide how to draw a rough look to the Tyrannosaurus’ skin, so inking it took a lot of time. Afterward, I couldn’t properly use the pen’s thickness, and looking back, I feel like I lost the feeling of perspective because of that. However, I am pleased with the dog’s fearful expression.

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  • Bubbling

    I drew this with the image that they are being drawn into a fun world somewhere. I also wanted it to look like they were being pulled to the bottom of the ocean. As a result, I drew more stars than I had intended (laughs). Even in this piece, I tried to create a gradation on the background by using line patterns. I think I was able to pull it off more naturally this time as opposed to when I drew the sphinx piece. The size of this piece is quite large at A2.

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  • 「    」

    The title of this piece is「    」and it depicts them jumping out into the empty space and viewing the moon from across the Earth. Dare I say, they most likely couldn’t talk at all. Thus, I thought having a blank title would be a fitting way to express space’s silence. I didn’t use a brush on the black portion of space; it was done only using a ballpoint pen. They might be difficult to see, but when I was layering the lines, I left faint gaps to represent stars.

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About Me

Hashimoto Suzu

Illustrator / Japan

I really enjoy “imagination” and “fantasy”! Also in regard to the story and setting, when I first start out and nothing is decided upon, there are a plethora of possibilities and directions. Everyone thinks differently; the world that is seen and the world they perceive are also different. No matter which direction you chose, you am completely free!

I think my drawings begin in the realms of imagination and fantasy. If I can imagine a world, I want to create an entrance to it. After that, I continue with freely crafting the story from a point of view that pleases me. I think about seeing the work from a drawing perspective as well as from a viewing perspective and how to make it enjoyable for each.


  • Creator NameHasimoto Suzu
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderMale
  • Blood typeA

    Creator Interview

    How did you get into drawing?

    Since I was little, I have enjoyed drawing. I like “Dragon Ball,” and I often drew battle manga. I decided that I wanted to work as an illustrator in my second year of college. When I was in college, I took a course on videography. Once I saw Atsuya Uki’s “Cencoroll,” I thought, “I wonder if I could make this kind of anime by myself? All right, I’m going to do it!” and I began creating my own work from an anime I liked. That is when I realized it. For making an anime, my drawing ability was overwhelmingly lacking. So, I thought that I first needed to practice drawing, and that is where I am now.

    Which work has been the most well received?

    Reputation was good or rather, it was to feel that the evaluations are changed to clarify, first started drawing with a ballpoint pen.
    Have drawn only digital until then, I did not put a hand on analog art supplies.
    Because, because they realize the power of view of their lack of personal production through animation, to work hard-and-fast analog too, he is running away I was afraid of failure.

    However, you want a change in the wake of a group exhibition, he started drawing with a ballpoint pen dare. I feel that it's made ​​me a better flow I will.

    Which work is a good representation of your style?

    My style...I’ve tried not to think about that lately.

    I thought that drawing using a ballpoint pen would be my characteristic touch. When I would draw using color, I would think, “This doesn’t seem like my drawing anymore.” What’s not good about this is that it limits me to the characteristic I have created and narrows my possibilities. That’s why I don’t worry about what my style is. I will just do what naturally progresses.
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