Illustrator - Japan
Animator and Illustrator. I like inorganic things that seem organic, and organic things that seem inorganic.



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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

As an illustrator, I first produced art for publications, arcade games and social games.
After that, I worked for a 3D Animation company, where I engaged in tasks such as Composite/Texture design, 3D animation, and 2D Effect design.
I thereafter switched to a 2D Animation company, where I am in charge of the key animation for digital renderings of TV series, theatrical productions, etc.


  • Creator Namewachi30
  • GenreAnimation / Illustration / Design
  • NationalityJapanese
  • Area of ActivityTokyo
  • Primary ToolsPhotoshop / Cintiq 24HD
  • Favorite Bands

    Tokyo Jihen / Hibari Misora / Modern Conya / Dorllis / Petrolz / Aiko Okumura / Queen Bee

Work Experience


Quarterly Pixiv - illustrations
Pixiv Girls Collection - illustrations
DeNA Co., Ltd. - Illustrations for Social Games
CYBRiDGE Co., Ltd. - Card Illustrations
COLORS Co., Ltd. (Publisher: Seibundo-Shinkosha) “Illustrators FILE” Illustrations
SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. - Card Illustrations
CyberAgent, Inc. - Card Illustrations for a major game company; Arcade game illustrations
mobcast, Inc. - Card Illustrations
Ameba - Illustrations for Atelier Third; Illustrations for “Talking Heads” Series’ “Retro Futurism” Edition
4th DISCOVER THE ONE JAPANESE ART (Paris Exhibition) imaging


[3D Animation]

LEXUS Shortfilm “A Better Tomorrow” - Animation under the supervision of Studio 4℃’s Koji Morimoto
- 3D BG Design/3D Effects/Car Visual Concepts/Textures/Filming

- Effect Design/Textures/Composites

Rage of Bahamut GENESIS
Textures / chibi look / composites
- Textures/Composites/Look Development

GATCHAMAN Crowds Insight
- Effect Design/Composites/3D Animation


[2D Animation]

Time Bokan 24 - Key Animation
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress - Second Key Animator
Attack on Titan -Season 2- Key Animation
Kado: The Right Answer - Key Animation
Makeru na!! Aku no Gundan! - Image Board Design for inside the spaceship/Miniature Spaceship Design/Key Animation/Videos/Final Editing
Development of special 2D look of last three frames/video for “Nissin Cup Noodle: Heidi, Girl of the Alps” commercial
Batman Ninja - Key Animation/Videos/Final Editing