Mubouou Aasaa

Illustration/Character design - Japan
Isn't it true that by not showing something to the viewers, each of them are enchanted in a different way?



  • Restrained by Phones

    This image was awarded as "excellent work" by the public at the Asian CG art contest, ASIAGRAPH 2012. Even though phones have become very convinient from beepers to mobile phones becoming widespread, an invisible "restraint" haunts in the background. I used an old rotary-dial phone and a wire-cup phone to express this sense of nostalgia.

    Actually, I started with the pose; I had a vertical picture all the way up to her face. But it was too ordinary, and I decided it wouldn't make such a good image at that point, so I daringly changed the composition. Among the images I have uploaded, there are ones that were created according to the original plan and ones that I've drawn as base material that I change the positioning and composition of later, enjoying tha randomness of the process.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to both kind, "Restrained by Phones" is a successful example of the latter. Whatever the production process may be like, all of them came from me, and even if I were to make a presentation, I don't really pay attention to it.

    It is an award-winner, as well as a representation of my latest work.

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  • In the Light

    This is the first image where I consciously used the principle of "not showing something." It's the origin of the Trim Girl series that follows later!

    So, despite being a somewhat old picture, I feels that I couldn't surpass it in some aspect. It is also the cover page of my first doujinshi.

    Even though it was my first one, I Photoshopped it a little (added some luster), and I thought, "It's tall....but so cool!" So I have a lot memories connected to this image.

    When I used it for the cover page, it had a line on the side for the title, but the colors died when I converted them from RGB to CMYK... So I learned that when I make a manga, I have to think about which color is easy to die during conversion.

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  • Color of First Contact

    This is an image I made for Pixiv Girls Collection 2011 "Drawing girl".
    Since it only said "Drawing girl," I thought most of the others would apply with something colorful, so tried to focus on the impact and reduce the number of colors.

    Was it a success? It had a whole page in the magazine!

    It makes me happy that one of my pictures was published in a commercial magazine.
    I'd like to keep feeling like this forever.

    This image is also one in the Black Cat series, since there are black cats in it. They are so easy to draw, and they suit my drawings, being black...there are other pictures uploaded from the Black Cat series, you can try to find them if you like.

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  • Nape

    Well, how should I put it, women's napes are just fascinating.

    No harm comes if it's seen publicly, the nape is one of the sexiest parts on a woman, or at least that’s my, Muboubou Aasaa's, humble opinion.

    The line from the nape through the neck to the back, I just can't take it.

    I wanted to show that charm to everyone, that's why I've drawn this picture. This is a part of the Trim Girl series.

    It was included in the 2011 calendar.

    Even in the series, it's one of my favorites, since I think I succeeded in transmitting straightly what I wanted to say.

    When my vision of what I want to express is clear, the creation process also goes smoothly. I enjoy drawing very much and that is when simple and good things are born. I always want to be like this, but it doesn't always work that way...

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  • bind2

    This picture was published in the original character contest of the OTACOOL magazine, a reader-participation publication which distributes otaku culture to the world, published by Kotobukiya, a company known for it's figures. I drew this with the theme of stylish and sharp binding. People usually associate the word "restraint" with ropes and chains, but I had the feeling that it would have an adult impression had I drawn it like that. Using wire I tried to make it give a sharp impression first. I wanted the thought "if i think about it, it's pretty erotic" to be only the second impression. I deliberately drew the girl and lines thinner and her limbs longer, making a balance like she was softly slipping away.

    I also added some characteristic geometry patterns to bring it closer to overseas street art and Art Noveau.

    Keeping Art Deco in mind, I also piled up images like "wings."

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About Me

Mubouou Aasaa

Illustration/Character design / Japan

Isn't it true that by not showing something to the viewers, each of them are enchanted in a different way?

Giving just a glimpse, or stopping just before giving one, gives something different for each person who looks at it.

I feel the need to put some eroticism in the pictures I draw. It doesn't need to be on the screen. It's enough to see the path that leads there.

I prefer somewhat dark expressions with hidden melancholy to smiles.

I work in a game company as a designer.

As it might be expected from someone who works at a game company, I love games.

I started my activities as an illustrator about the same time i entered the company.

I do character designing for social games, mobile phones, card illustrations, theater posters, magazine illlustrations and such.

As for doujinshi, I basically work on original content only at Comitia (display and sale of new doujinshi)

I rarely create derived work, maybe one picture a year.

The one I uploaded to TokyoOtakuMode is the first Hatsune Miku I've drawn.


  • NameMubouou Aasaa
  • GenreIllustration/Character Design
  • GenderMale
  • Date of Birth4/1
  • HeightApprox. 180 cm
  • Blood TypeO
  • Zodiac SignAries
  • Years Active5
  • RegionTokyo, Japan

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    Aasaa's Sayings

    Aasaa's Sayings 1

    "Time is not something that comes into existence. You make it!"

    Aasaa's Sayings 2

    "Things you can't start today, you won't be able to start tomorrow, either."

    Aasaa's Sayings 3

    "If you do something for 10 minutes every day insted of just five, you will get two years worth of work in one year."

    Aasaa's Sayings 4

    "Things you did will come back to you. Things you didn't do will come back as well."

    About My Name

    The origin of “The Reckless King Aaasaa”

    This is kind of old and a bit of a long story. The “Reckless King” and the “Aasaa” part were born separately. First, about Aasaa. As you may be able to guess, it refers from King Artthur from “The Knights of the Roundtable”. So why not just Arthur, but Aasaa?

    Well, I was playing Final Fantasy on my first-generation Famicom (Nintendo), and since from around that time on, I loved “the Knights” and this kind of medieval/fantasy fiction in general, so in FF I wanted to put the username “Arthur,” but yey first-generation console input! I couldn’t use either katakana nor the elongating particle “ー”, so, there was no way to write it besides “Aasaa.”

    “The Reckless King” also originates from a game - one of the first online games “Phantasy Star Online” (PSO).

    At the time, item trading in PSO was becoming popular, and I was making trade offers at a “this can’t be true” type of rate. I was a trading maniac. So, on the bulletin board, you had to put your character name, and I chose The Reckless King and putting it together with Aasaa, The Reckless King Aasaa was born!! So this is where my name comes! But I like the sound of it!