Illustrator - Japan
I'm working as an illustrator while going to school. I enjoy fantasy worlds, and drawing the people who live in them. I have a strong love for drawing by hand and for using Copic markers. Lately, I've been getting work little by little.


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  • Pearl Princess in Love

    I will wait for you here.

    • 21844
    • 332
  • Fragrant Flowers of an Angel with One Wing

    It is not just people who are drawn to her picture. Invited by the scent, many creatures gather.

    • 10262
    • 284
  • Knight Girl

    I love this girl knight holding a lance.

    • 12603
    • 307
  • Summer is Coming

    Summer has come in with the boats.

    • 9243
    • 237
  • Golden Garage
    • 11000
    • 316

About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I'm working as an illustrator while attending college. I draw by hand.
I like cute moe illustrations, but I also get really excited when I come in contact with anything with a grand fantasy world feel.
I'm currently building up the world from the Golden Garage illustration, and I hope to be able to expand it into a series.

I color my work using an alcohol-based marker called Copic.
Even in Japan, I can't say that a lot of illustrators have tried using Copic,
and I don't think people are really familiar with them in other countries,
but I would love for people to enjoy the unique warmth, color, and quality of Copic markers.

  • NameFuumi
  • GenreIllustration
  • GenderFemale
  • Blood TypeB
  • Active RegionTokyo

    Previous Work

    CyberAgent Inc. - Tenka Touitsu Chronical - illustrator
    Corredge Inc. - Alteil - illustrator
    Body Asukashinsha - Sparkle (Quarterly Issue S42) - 1 illustration
    JCROM Project - Character design, 9 illustrations, logo design
    Syncould Inc. - Senjou no Electro Girl - 2 card illustrations
    Asukashinsha - Small Issue S30 - 1 illustration for front spread 
    Picology Inc. - Boku to Kanojo no Mahou no Card - 2 card illustrations
    Tokyo Demo Fest - 1 background image
    Isshiki Junior High, Isshiki Public Schools, Aichi Prefecture - On-Site Learning - instructor
    Technos College - Tokyo Kogakuin College of Technology - open house summer event special instructor
    Terranetz - The Soul Partner - opening scenario illustration

    About Copic

    Copic is the product name of a type of alcohol-based marker sold by Too.
    The are continuously releasing new colors.

    I make use of over 300 of these markers to create my illustrations.

    Too (Japanese): http://www.too.com/copic/