Illustrator - Japan
I work as an illustrator while studying design. I want to be able to convey happiness, joy, sadness, and pain through my work.


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  • FUN!

    I’ve always liked many colors and color tones that pop, but many times the more color I use, the harder it is to properly decide it. However, with this illustration, it was unexpectedly easy to decide on the colors, and I was able to make use of colors that match my taste, so I am pleased with the color usage. I drew this with the happy feeling of funness overflowing from a surprising box.

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  • Umbrella Identity

    I have unruly hair, so when it’s humid, no matter how many times I fix it, my hair has a strange tendency to become limp, so I like umbrellas, though I’m not too fond of rainy days. I wanted to create a cute design on the umbrella, something a bit happy. I drew this with the theme “Inside the umbrella is my own happy world.” Therefore, the cloth inside the umbrella is elaborately colorful while the outside is designed to look like a plastic umbrella.

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  • Blue Equation

    I put quite a bit of thought into the coloring of this, wanting to bring out a different kind of atmosphere than using normal hues. When I was working on this drawing, I tried using many colors that jump off the page as the primary color, but I drew this while considering the thought of also wanting to use soft hues.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

“To draw is to live.”
Within our everyday lives, we watch movies, go on trips, play, eat delicious food...I create drawing with the thought of wanting to convey the feelings and emotions within these activities using my own worldview. Even if we have the same experiences, how we perceive them differs from person to person. For this reason, I want to convey the emotions I feel to all those who view my work. I would really like my feelings to softly get through to those who see my work through things that can only be expressed through illustrations.


  • Creator NameAnn
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • Date of Birth3/23
  • Zodiac SignAries
  • RegionTokyo, Japan

    Work History

    2011: Nakano Manga School main illustration
    2012: Created “Draw with Computers: Official Guidebook to the Illustration and Manga Textbooks GG Illust Neo and Comic Works Neo” (ASCII Media Works)
    2013: “Amatou Joushi” cover illustration (ASCII Media Works)
    Two illustrations for “Manga FAshion with Paper Dolls” (ricorico)


    How did you get into drawing?

    While browsing a bookstore, I was deeply moved by the front cover and illustrations of a certain novel, and thought, “I want to draw like this too!” That was the biggest influence. I began passionately drawing at that time.

    When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    When I’m emotionally moved by something… Or perhaps, when I am doing something unrelated (movies, studying, etc.) I spontaneously think up related words and try to imagine them in my head. Another time would be when I am walking and am suddenly struck with an idea from something I see. That also happens a lot.