Figure Photographer - Indonesia
Hello! はじめまして! I'm Allgroassai from Indonesia. I'm a figure photographer and also a figure collector, especially Nendoroid. I like to take figure photos recreating scenes from anime or illustration. I hope you like my photos!



  • Shimakaze, engaging in shelling.

    "I'm Destroyer Shimakaze. When it comes to speed I'm the best there is, swift like the island breeze!"

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  • Good Morning, Nico!

    "Oo.. haa.. yo.. ~nico.. ~chuuu!" ❤ (。ゝω・´)

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  • Akagi and Kaga: Breakfast Time!

    "Ohayo Admiral !"..."It's Breakfast taimu !" *drool*... "do you want to join us?!" *drool*

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  • Rin Tohsaka

    "....Thou art Seven Heavens clad in the Three Great Words.
    Emerge from the ring of control, Guardian of balance!"
    ─ Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

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  • Deep Sea Flagship

    Abyssal Class Aircraft Carrier ~ ヲ級ちゃん

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About Me


Figure Photographer / Indonesia

I started watching anime as a hobby many years ago and first started collecting figures back in 2010. Collecting figures is another way to continue enjoying what is my main hobby: watching anime. And then I'm also interested in figure photography. One of the reasons I finally began to start collecting was for figure photography. I love photography in general and I thought I'd try my way with figure photography as my special hobby.

Most of my figures are Nendoroids. I'm really obsessed with their cuteness and coolness. I like to take figure photo recreating the scene from anime or illustration. Most of my figure photos were shot indoors because I love playing with lighting for added dynamics in photographs. The process of creating such a photo is what I enjoy so much. I hope you enjoy and SUKI my photos!

  • NameWilli Hardi
  • Online HandleAllgroassai
  • Zodiac SignAries
  • GenreFigure Photography
  • GenderMale
  • ExperienceSince 2010
  • NationalityIndonesian
  • CameraCanon EOS 500D with EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens
  • SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Lightroom


    2013 - Joined figure photography circle, FPS (Figure Photo Studio) – |

    2011 - The 5th Winner of Photo Contest - Polish Your Lenses Facebook Contest 2011 for "Happy Valentine's Day" photo

    2011 - Featured on Good Smile Company’s Photo Contest Memorial Book WonFes #13 for 'Bungaku Shoujo" photo