Illustrator - Japan
I am an illustrator of near futuristic worlds stylized by a crossover of solid characters and graphics. I began with pinup and CD jacket art, and have produced art in various mediums, including concept art and consumer game design. In 2012, I launched the illustration label sKILLupper.NET, and have since then been leading it.



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  • Dead Machine War Site

    To comfort the spirits of the dead.

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  • DragonSlayer

    artwork: SAKBA TOKIYA
    design & Real Repatch: Tamio Iwaya [GraphersRock]
    client: DJ Technorch [999 Recrodings]

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  • All Must ☠

    An artwork featured in Touhou Bloodthirst Union "All Must Die" (low resolution version)
    teaser site:
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  • Lumberjack Crisis

    project: armaminka

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

Born in Tokyo.

I started CG illustrations in 1999 and began running the website "Arumaita" the following year.

My Illustrations gained underground fame on Skill Upper, an illustration upload site that was popular before Pixiv came about.

I Joined Square Enix in 2003 and participated in the development team for Final Fantasy XI. I continued as a designer on various game development teams.

I made my commercial debut in 2007 through the work "Mahomahou" in the full color comic magazine "Robot" published by Wani Magazine Inc.

Thereafter, I produced CD jackets, posters, designs, and concept art for mainstream games. I established the illustrator label bearing the name of the previous illustration site, "" in 2011.

In 2012, I became a full-blown illustrator.

Personal Information

  • Nick nameTOKIYA
  • GenreDigital Illustration
  • GenderMale
  • Blood TypeUnknown
  • RegionJapan (Tokyo)
  • MusicAphextwin, ATOLS, Clark, DE DE MOUSE, Rustie
  • GamesMOTHER2, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Shin Megami Tensei, THE IDOLM@STER
  • Main ToolsPhotoshop, Intuos4 Large
  • PC Specs

    Windows7 64bit, CPU/ Intel Core i7 950 (QuadCore 3.06GHz), RAM/ 12GB (DDR3 4GB x 3), Storage/ 2TB, Graphic/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 1GB x 2, Motheboard/ ASRock X58 Extreme3

My Views On Art

Whether it's design or illustration, I always aim for originality.
On top of that, I like to make things that reflect my own experiences and perspectives on life.
This is particularly expressed in the way I create the forms and chibi-forms of my characters.

Published Work / Exhibits


robot 9 - Full Color Comic「Mahomahou」10p
robot 10 - 「UNIONOISE」4p
Girls Bicycle Liberation Zone - Poster
DJ TECHNORCH - CD Jacket, 8 pieces
8BITPROPHET - 『TM Network Tribute Generated by Chiptune + Vocaloid』 - CD Jacket
MdN Vol.213 - Illustration Tutorial
touch Vol.4 - Illustration Tutorial
Quarterly pixiv Vol.5 - Illustration Tutorial
Candies Cover Compilation C-android - Booklet Illustration
Yuriika Special Edition Nagano Go - Poster
138°E - Poster
FINAL FANTASY XI - Monster texture design
The eternal wheel - illustration 1 piece
LORD of VERMILION - Ver Re:2.1 〜wailing〜 - illustration 4 piece
Pokemon card game - illustration 24 pieces

Group Exhibitions

2009 pixiv festa vol.2 [Design Festa Gallery HARAJUKU / TOKYO]
2011 AIXId Tshirt Exhibition [MOGRA / TOKYO]
2012 Recode 1st Exhibition “Post dpi” [Hidari Zingaro / TOKYO]
2012 Recode 2nd Exhibition “Image recording” [P/I GALLERY / TOKYO]