Kuriko Nekoya

Illustrator - Japan
I'm a Freelance illustrator who mainly creates original artwork for SNS games, radio program sheets, etc.



  • Temptation

    I hope I don’t lose to the flood of all kinds of temptation…
    That is the theme I drew this around.

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  • Replay

    Playing music, a sunken sadness bleeds yellow.
    Your emotions become agitated and you feel alive again.

    It's a pun on the word "再生" which means both "reborn" and "play a song" in Japanese, accompanied by rising petals.

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  • Radio Arts

    This was featured on the radio art and program/time table for the Kyoto Sanjo Radio Cafe station FM79.7MHz from July to September. I drew the cover for "Radio Tsushin." They really liked the girl I drew for Sakura EX 2013, so this became the homepage design.

    I love radio and I listen to it every day while working. I'm really blessed to be able to do the job I love.

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  • The Dream World

    I drew this because I like railways and miniatures.
    Being surrounded by sparkles and my favorite things is like being in a dream world.

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  • Looking Forward

    Being alive,
    Joy and happiness,
    Sadness and agony,
    Life has many colors.
    White as cotton, embraced by a soft, fluffly happiness.
    Dirty as mud, a dark sadness.

    My limbs are sinking into a thick fog and I can't move.
    Above me I see beautiful blooming cherry blossoms surrounded by cute animals.

    This piece is about seeing beautiful things with light.

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About Us

Kuriko Nekoya

Illustrator / Japan

I am an illustrator always striving to create things that will always be vivid, colorful, and cute. I specialize in shoujo, but also draw shounen, seinen, game interfaces, as well as backgrounds.

  • CountryJapan
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday3/28
  • BloodtypeA
  • HoroscopeAries
  • Experience8 Years
  • RegionOsaka


    October 2005: Quit game company to become freelance
    October 2005: Illustrated "Kazokuya" in Shueisha's Cobalt
    November 2005: Did cover and book illustration for Shueisha Cobalt Bunko's "Koi wo Kikasete~Secret Garden".
    February 2006: Did cover and book illustration for Shueisha Cobalt Bunko's "Koi wo Kikasete~White Maze~"
    August 2006: Original artwork for mobile game by BTD Studio Inc.
    June 2007: Did some original art work for 5pb.Que's "Faeries of the Ancient Leaf"
    March 2008: Half-page illustration for a game in a game magazine
    April 2008: 1 page illustration in Mirai Shounen Inc.'s "Moe Star ~vol.7~"
    April 2008: 3 character designs and all character casual clothing designs for a girls' game
    April 2010: Official background map, promotion item design for a girls' game
    November 2010: Exhibition at Rufus Lin Gallery in Canada 2010 11/1~12/24
    February 2011: Character original artwork for Fuji TV Games/Gumi "Maid x Maid," "Cooking Contest" @home cafe collaboration
    February 2011: Gree game rare item original artwork and avatar costume design (6 pieces)
    August 2011: Exhibition Bodaiju Cafe "Summer Bonus Postcard Exhibition" 2011 8/7~8/27
    August 2011: Exhibition Girls Illust. Exhibition #14 at SUMMER! 2011 8/23~8/28
    October 2011: Original art work for DeNA's "Emblem of the Gods" (45 pieces)
    April 2012: Original art work for a social game from a large company (2 pieces)
    April 2012: Original art work for a social game (14 pieces)
    April 2012: Passed the UK selection for Sakura Exhibition 2012       
    August 2012: ARTs*LABo Postcard Show 3-Jiyugaoka-8/3~ 8/14
    November 2012–present: Original artwork for Drecom Inc.'s game "Onmyouji ~Heian Youkitan~"
    November 2012: Original artwork for C2 Inc.'s social game (2 pieces)
    April 2013: Sakura Exhibition 2013
    July 2013: Radio art for July–September and cover art for "Radio Tsushin" for FM79.7MHz Kyoto Sanjo Radio Cafe