Illustrator - Japan
I draw shoujo illustrations. I like mixing together girls wearing sailor uniforms and decorative motifs.


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Shoujo Uchu II
Shoujo Uchu II
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ribata iPhone 6/6s Clear Cover
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Shojo Uchu
Shojo Uchu
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  • Shoujo Shinkou 5

    This piece is from the fifth work in the Shoujo Shinkou series in which I draw the divinity of shoujo.

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  • Shoujo Shinkou 6

    This piece is from the sixth work in the Shoujo Shinkou series in which I draw the divinity of shoujo.

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  • Tropical Bird

    This is a tropical bird and a girl, but I tried to finish it off with a refreshing feel in some respects. The caption when I first uploaded it was “Your back is a little refreshing.”

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  • Twinkle

    I drew to be sparkling and poppy.

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  • Flower Chair

    I like motifs that use flowers and girls, and I often draw them. In this piece, I drew a girl covered in fluffy flowers.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I’m a graduate of the Art Department of Kyoto Seika University.
I began drawing digital illustrations in 2010.

I mainly publish my illustration online, and since 2012 I have also been active as a freelance illustrator.

  • Creator Nameribata
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • Date of Birth1/8
  • Blood TypeAB
  • Zodiac SignCapricorn
  • Years Active3 and a half
  • Active RegionJapan


    2012.11 Omoshiro Houjin Kayac “Eiyuu ni Naritai! Delta” - card illustrations for game use
    2012.12 Kindle eBook “Maybe Fly - Tobata Boku” - front cover illustration
    2013.3 (Kabu) Extem “Sumaho de Mimamori” - image illustration (https://mimamoriapp.com/)
    2013.11 ”Mei Ire Strap Kihudaya” - offered smartphone illustration (http://search.rakuten.co.jp/search/inshop-mall/%E3%82%8A%E3%81%B0%E3%81%9F/-/sid.258442-st.A)


    How did you get into drawing?

    In 2010, I quit the company I was working for and, having free time, I impulsively bought a pen tablet and began drawing the same type of shoujo illustrations that I currently draw.

    As for drawing itself, I have liked that since I was a child.

    What are you particular about in your work?

    Things like the girl’s eyes and the use of color.
    I have a strong fixation on depicting the mysteriousness of girls.

    How long does your work take to create?

    There are times when it takes me about 2 weeks until completion, and there are times when I draw it in a number of days.

    When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    I’ll look at the computer screen and think while moving my hand.