Illustrator - Japan
Freelance illustrator. My basic concept is "gentle cuteness," and I draw nostalgic images of girls and animals. Please look as much as you like.


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Ituka - Memories of Someday
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  • A Stroll with Earth-chan and Space

    Taking a walk in fluffy space.

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    • 28
  • Letters from the Sky

    The last letter from that person.

    • 4595
    • 21
  • Sweet Party

    A sweet, delicious witch festival.

    • 10213
    • 60
  • Creating a Planet

    Earth, water, flowers, and life. A world is created by mixing all these together.

    • 8236
    • 75
  • Through the Window

    The world on the other side and a different me.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I'm a freelance illustrator living in Japan.
While I mostly release works online, I also participate in exhibitions and other events. I am mostly active in the Tokyo-Kansai areas.

My concept is "soft cuteness."
I am in search for the cuteness that is poppy yet nostalgic and makes the people who look at it inadvertently smile. I like typical Japanese things, and I often incorporate them in my works.

  • Creator NameItuka
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • RegionKansai

    Personal History

    - Publication in “Yearbook of Flourishing Japanese Illustrators 2014” (Sugar Inc.)
    - Illustration in “Birthday Book: to Girls” (Kinen de Ehon Bookstore)
    - Illustration in “Birthday Book: to Boys” (Kinen de Ehon Bookstore)
    - Art Junction exhibition

    - Employed for New Year Card Creative Competition 2013
    - Art Junction exhibition
    - Participated in Girls Illust Exhibition #19
    - Participated in Exhibition: The Existential Meaning of Arts No. 9 (3rd session)


    What made you start drawing?

    I've been drawing ever since I gained awareness. It was in my college years that I started genuinely drawing using a computer.

    What are your fixations?

    On the whole, it's "soft cuteness." I want to express that through the lines, color usage, and a sense of atmosphere.

    In terms of parts, I pay attention to the facial expressions and poses of the characters and the elements of “nostalgia and novelty” and “Japanese-style pop.”

    How long does your work take to create?

    It depends on the size and the amount of the drawing. A simple, character-only illustration takes about 3 hours. If I draw the background and accessories in detail, then it can take up to one week. However, I take breaks when drawing, so the actual time it takes is longer than that.

    When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    When I’m riding a car or a train, when I’m listening to music, or when I see something cute. When I’m out of ideas, I look at the works and pictures of other creators to get some motivation.