Hiroyuki Takahashi

Illustrator - Japan
My specialty is visual design that combines colorful characters and textile patterns. I make artwork in a wide range for all kinds of media.


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  • VOCALOID_miku

    A Hatsune Miku I drew for a club event.

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    I had the honor of drawing the main visuals for a set done in collaboration with the popular online game “Phantasy Star Online 2” from Sega.

    Look here for details:

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  • Spring


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  • Time Machine

    Made for an exhibition.

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About Me

Hiroyuki Takahashi

Illustrator / Japan

I frequently appear on TV and in magazines, and in 2007, I made an artist contract with TV Asahi Music. After that, I participated in “PremiereVision,” an international trade fair in Paris and started my overseas activities. At present, I work as a freelancer.

In the frame of brand collaborations, I drew Disney illustrations, participated in the collabo-merchandise expansion of various brands, did demonstrations and live paintings at Apple Stores and events, and published numerous books on drawing illustrations.

In 2012, I had a workshop in the National Museum of Modern Art at Center Georges Pompidou in Paris where I also performed a live demonstration and was interviewed by a French TV program.


  • Creator NameHiroyuki Takahashi
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderUndisclosed

    Personal History

    April 2006 Appearance in the TV program “Natsumegu-dou” hosted by Chinatsu Wakatsuki and Megumi. 1st place of T-shirt Development Project popularity contest. The collabo-T-shirts I designed with Doubledutch sold out on the same day. September 2006 Recording event of the TV Asahi program “The Street Fighters.” Poster design for the “@Nagoya2” design project. Won 1st place of T-shirt design contest that was held in the assembly hall. Started selling Japan-wide through the mail order site “my-fashion.” February 2007 Wrote about how to draw illustrations in “Art Works,” for the 2007 March issue of the monthly magazine MdN. My works were displayed at Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte during the international textile trade fair Premiere Vision and Indigo Exhibition that was held during spring-summer 2008. Senken Shimbun recorded my Paris activities on one page. I performed a live painting in Paris and London. I was introduced in the design project of TV Asahi’s “The Street Fighters.” http://www.premierevision.fr/ September 2007 Designed 3 kinds of collabo-T-shirts with Doubledutch and Disney. I drew illustrations of the original Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. January 2008 Collaboration with GRAVIS Fall/Winter 08 Collection. Bags, shoes, and other collaboration goods announced on the tube lined the shop front. January 2008 Work published in 2008 January issue of monthly magazine MdN June 2008 LEAP Dance Connection 12th public performance - art director. I made the character design of the dancers and created a collaboration stage of animation and dance. November 2008 Drew pictures on the Christmas display at Shibuya 109-2 entrance. December 2008 Design of cans (two types) in a collaboration with steamcream. They were first released in England, then in Japan. January 2010 Character design for the music unit BanananaMiLK + art director & designer. March 2010 Work published in the first feature of the 2010 April issue of monthly magazine MdN. July 2010 Official PV for DJ TECHNORCH - Ikkaisei Nikai Seki STRAIGHT. August 2010 The new Vocaloid [VY1_MIZKI] developed by Yamaha. I did artwork including bonus disc HP, logo, jacket design, and also the character design for BanananaMiLK’s song. http://vocaloidsp-cd.com/ October 2010 Monthly Magazine MdN. I wrote a 6-page long article on drawing titled “Creating Collage & Illustrations in Photoshop Illustrator.” November 2010 One-man Exhibition “Omote-Ura” at Roppongi 12G. http://12g.jp/ February 2011 Aleph Zero Compilation. Participated in “Illustrator - An Idea Book by 18 Top Creators on the Secrets of Illustration.” (Gijutsu Hyoron) I wrote about how to draw pictures. http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4774144991 February 2011 MdN April issue, in “Illustrator Creative Works.” An article on how to draw fancy & girly illustrations that enchant viewers with their mysterious worlds using Illustrator. http://www.mdn.co.jp/di/ May 2011 “Design Note No.37” - data collection article about Cybozu Live and BlueRoses. It introduces how BlueRoses books are made using Cybozu Live. http://blue-roses.info/ June 2011 AppleStore Ginza store live “The New Collaboration Style of Creators Who Work in Groups” public talk & digital painting demonstration. http://www.apple.com/jp/retail/ginza/ December 2011 MdN 2012 January issue - work published in “MdN ILLUSTRATORS FILE ~38 Popular Illustrators~” http://www.mdn.co.jp/di/ February 2012 “Manga Planet” event held in Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris - lecturer in a workshop for French youth. On the day before the event, I made a live demonstration for publicity in front of Centre Pompidou. At the event, besides the workshop, I also held digital and analog live demonstrations, attracting 500 guests in one day. I was also interviewed for a report by French TV. An illustration of mine was printed on Manga Planet’s booklet. For some reason, my illustration was on the page that introduces Katsuhiro Otomo’s “Stink Bomb” in detail. May 2012 “Kanrui no Bounty Hunter,” a GREE social game produced by Fushikaden I drew a few of the Super Rare characters. June 2012 “Quarterly S” Vol. 39 - interview as a lecturer of a technical school for design. http://www.asukashinsha.jp/s/ August 2012 Idiot Pop “Anyway Someway” music PV - direction and animation. http://idiotpop.com/ October 2012 Participated in Marui’s Epos Card “Design Card.” My original illustration card was added to the collection. https://www.eposcard.co.jp/designcard/girls.html October 2012 Participated in “Tote Bags Drawn by 40 People from Shibuya Charity Project.” To commemorate the 40th anniversary of its establishment, the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shibuya Branch implemented the “Tote Bags Drawn by 40 People from Shibuya Charity Project” at which they sold tote bags with the design of Shibuya’s symbol, the “faithful dog Hachiko,” for charity. Among the participants of the project, there were Hajime Anzai and Britney Hamada, Akira Ebihara, Nico, Tammy from BlueRoses, and myself. Forty creators who mostly operate in Shibuya participated in planning and giving birth to greatly unique tote bags. November 2012 DJ_DEPATH CD “Makina Exclamation G” - jacket design. Available on Amazon amazon.co.jp/dp/B00AOI686S/ February 2013 Monthly Magazine MdN March issue publication. http://www.mdn.co.jp/di/ March 2013 Akihabara Idol Farm Design of interior wall painting http://idolfarm.jp/ May 2013 CD “Love Letters 3~Matsuri no Kuni de” (4th album) by voice actor Jun Fukushima. I provided illustrations for the music clip “Mekakushi no Shinjitsu” recorded on the first time limited edition bonus DVD. Jun Fukushima - Mekakushi no Shinjitsu music clip (short ver.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOcK9EBEbNk May 2013 mishmash*Julie Watai music video “Kidenryoku Romance” - illustrations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSge5nN1rrI I was also interviewed on Natalie. http://natalie.mu/music/pp/mishmash02 May 2013 Appearance in “ILLUSTRATION 2013” which introduces 150 illustrators. Publisher: SOTEC https://www.facebook.com/ILLUSTRATION2013 June 2013 Collabo-exhibition with the movie “Sakura Hime” starring Kyoko Hinami. Shibuya PARCO [P/I Gallery] http://pi-gallery.jp/event/1234/ June 2013 Collaboration project with Chinese 7-11 convenience stores. I created a poster portrait of the model. http://www.sej.co.jp/ July 2013 I participated in the Los Angeles Anime Expo as ninja-arts. Display of Japanese comic-style illustrations with over 100 types of posters by 15 artists in focus. http://ja.anime-expo.org/ September 2013 “AMAF2013” - main visual. I distributed flyers at Japan Expo in France in July, and I held a workshop at AMAF2013. http://nihongo.japan-expo.com/ September 2013 Digital painting performance in Kawaii Café, Paris. http://www.kawaiicafe.fr/ September 2013 Body paint art performance with dancers and musicians at the event “NuLL NuLL SaLoN Vol.6” in Eschschloraque, Berlin. November 2013 Release of collaboration goods with tights brand Tokono.