The second volume of the battle action manga Bungo Stray Dogs released on Aug. 3. Now, a PV for the work has finally been revealed.
Bungo Stray Dogs is currently serialized in the monthly publication Young Ace to high acclaim. The story really begins to heat up in the second volume, which introduces new characters Kajii Motojirō, Izumi Kyōka, and Tachihara Michizō! Even regarding to strange abilities of the characters belonging to the detective agency, the mystery just keeps getting deeper!
Syncing up with the release of this not-to-be-missed volume, a promotional video was also released that gives details on the story while supplying loads of action scenes of Nakajima Atsushi and Akutagawa Ryūnosuke freely using their strange abilities. Make sure to check the official site for this worthwhile video if you are a fan.
The story of Bungo Stray Dogs revolves around Nakajima Atsushi, who is kicked out of his orphanage and arrives in Yokohama where he rescues a man attempting to commit suicide in the river. That man’s name is Dazai Osamu. He belongs to a group in the occupation of fighting that goes by the name of “Armed Detective Agency” and investigates a solution to the turmoil caused by a mysterious tiger who has appeared in the area. Nakajima is then lured into their investigation by Dazai.
Source: PR Times


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