Kei Yuduki

Illustrator - Japan
I'm a freelance illustrator in the azatoi (charmer) style.



  • Master, Hug Me.

    This is the work that brought about the saying, "I can't hug her - the screen is in the way!!" I drew this with the feeling of her wanting to be hugged, screen and all. It's an image with "cute" all over it. I was going for the ultimate moe, where she's cute both like an animal and like a character.

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  • Just feel love

    This illustration pays homage to music and came from the phrase, “No matter where in the world you are, I will find you.” I wanted to give meaning to the idea of setting up an entire grandiose story, so I expanded the image not just to the human world, but to another world all together, with the feeling of a fantasy world in mind.

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  • Electronic Diva

    This is from my electronic series of free desktop wallpapers that I release periodically. I created this to be an image of two different things mixing together as a collaboration of computer music and live music.

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  • Grey

    This is one of my illustrated contributions to music. White or black. Good or evil. However, I don’t know whether this is right or wrong. I was influenced by these lyrics about society, time, and life as I drew this.

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  • Happy and Smiling

    This is an illustration I did for charity. This stemmed from my being a fan of cats and from the idea that animals and people should all be able to live happily with smiles on their faces.

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About Me

Kei Yuduki

Illustrator / Japan

After working in 2D computer graphics, I changed over to illustration. As an illustrator, I do freelance work, mainly in social games and publications. My main styles include girl characters who are charmers and cuties. I create moe pictures painted in a cell-style like in anime. In one magazine interview, I took on the name “charmer” illustrator, and I spend each day challenging myself to create works that seriously feature fetishism and eroticism. I’ve also recently been taking a stab at producing itasha. Currently, I have produced a total of 6 cars. An ambition of mine is for there to be an event someday filled with the cars I produced. My hobby is collecting figures. I like games, cats, cats, and cats. I am a cat fanatic. My dream is to someday be able to enter a 2-dimensional world.

  • Creator NameKei Yuduki
  • GenderMale
  • Date of Birth2/6
  • Blood typeO
  • Zodiac SignAquarius
  • Years Active7 years

    About Production

    About My Work

    There’s something that my illustrations never lack. Namely, all of my illustrations and other works are the “products of delusions.” Even when drawing a character, I don’t just have the character standing there, I include a detailed scene to give the character an individual story. The time I spend dreaming up until the drawing begins is the most enjoyable. However, at the moment I’ve finished, if I’ve managed to create an illustration that makes the viewer want to touch and talk with the character, I’m filled with emotion. I’d like to aim for depictions that make someone think, “She really exists there,” even if it’s a 2-dimensional illustration.


    Itasha involve sticking individualized decals onto cars to decorate them, similar to a racing car. It gives someone the pleasure of having a one-of-a-kind, original car, even if it’s a commonly sold model. The production also requires graphics that make use of the lines of the car and creating a composition from each concept, and, when it’s finished, it is transformed into a work so flashy and lavish it will catch anyone’s eye.

    Work History

    ・Crypton Future Media Inc.
    Hatsune Miku Mobile - MikuMoba! - Cell phone wallpapers
    8th China International Comics and Games Expo 2012 (CCG Expo 2012)
    Postcards for distribution
    Hatsune Miku GraphiCollection - Game card illustration
    Precious Memories - Hatsune Miku card illustration

    ・Enterbrain Inc. - Famitsu Bunko
    "Yuusha no Kokoroe ~ Maou Shoujo Kyouiku Shimasu" - In charge of illustrations
    "Yuusha no Kokoroe 2 ~ Fuku-tannin wa Kenji Shoujo Desu" - In charge of illustrations
    "Yuusha no Kokoroe 3 ~ Jugyou Sankan, Houkai Shimashita" - In charge of illustrations

    ・Fushikaden K.K.
    Social Game “Godtear Bounty Hunter” - In-game card illustrations

    ・Dank Hearts Co., Ltd.
    Social game "Weapon Girls" - card illustration
    Social game "Beast Girls" - card illustration
    Social game "Magical Girls" - card illustration

    ・Harakiri Inc.
    Social game "JK Valkyrie's" - card illustration

    Anime Expo 2012 Los Angeles - In charge of illustrations for Vocaloid guest panel video as part of Mirai no Neiro