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I am a freelance illustrator active in Japan.




    "Yumecoron" is an original story of mine. If there came a day "Yumecoron" would be aired as an anime, I would like the PR poster to be something like this. I aimed for a lively atmosphere.

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  • This Is for You

    I made this picture through trial and error while searching for my own style. It's kind of hard to see, but there is an old man on the left side of the picture. So, the situation goes as follows: If you put a piece of paper to the small window beside the old man with your condition written on it, the old man will mix and deliver the medicine for you. This is the scene when he is right about to hand her the medicine.

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  • A Certain Room on the Third Floor

    A sequel to “This Is for You.” The story of “This Is for You” takes place on the seventh floor of the same building. The setting is as follows: This girl originally embarked on a journey to learn ancient sorcery, but a warrior she came across bought her fighting style, so she is stuck with polishing her martial arts, even though she doesn’t really want to.

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  • Circus Troupe

    An image illustration for “Yumecoron.” It's a scene with a circus troupe that appears in the story. In my dreams, there is a somewhat weird and bizarre air floating around, and I feel strangely insecure. That also makes it funny in a way. In this piece, I was searching for that kind of mystery.

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  • Ditch

    This picture turned out quite different from the image in my head. In my imagination, the sea spreading wide before my eyes was more red, and the sky was a stronger bluish black.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I have loved drawing pictures ever since childhood. I often spent my days drawing when I had the time. Although this is a thing of the past, I would leave the skillful copy drawn by my dad in a little more than 10 minutes right beside my copy of the manga that I drew for hours with the utmost effort. I think such interesting circumstances also played a role in my becoming more interested in drawing.


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    Personal History

    May 2013: Comitia Manga Convention
    Published the doujinshi “Soshite Futari wa Deatte Shimatta”
    (participated together with illustrator memo under our circle name “Oupaatsu”)

    November 2013: Involvement with Tokyo Otaku Mode as a Special Creator.

    March 2013: Group exhibition “Mune Kyun Ten 2” (galaxxxy Hi-Fi, Shibuya, Tokyo)

    July 2013: Group exhibition “Mune Kyun Ten 2.5” (FOLK, Osaka)
    Free paper “Sakebi” project T-shirt illustration

    October 2013: Fashion brand “Mikio Sakabe” illustration for collection

    November 2013: Participated in exhibition “Girly’s Angel II” (Tengensha Gallery)