Chiru Mitsuka

Illustrator - Japan
I am a freelance illustrator based in Japan. I create various kawaii illustrations, as well as dolls and other merchandise.


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  • The Seven Deadly Sins

    This is an illustration I did using the theme of “gluttony” from the seven deadly sins. I made the fly demon of gluttony Beelzebub into a girl and put in donuts, a favorite among girls. The girl is completely saccharine with her large bib covered in ribbons and frills, and I think the strange food surrounding her makes a nice accent.

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  • Zombie Nurse

    This illustration combines two of my favorite themes: zombies and nurses. There are a lot of elements I like packed in, such as the sickly look of the girl, the stitching, the rose vine growing out of the rotted eye, and the blood splatters.

    I wanted this illustration to be dark and cute, yet also cool looking, but how does it come across to everybody, I wonder...?

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    This illustration was done for a dinosaur-themed picture book, and I based this girl on a triceratops. I combined dinosaurs, which is something that boys love, with a baby, which is the ultimate kind of cute that girls love. I did something different from usual and made it so the eyes were both dinosaur-like and cute. I also made the Jurassic organisms in the background cute and super-deformed so they wouldn’t be out of place with the baby items.

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  • SAKURA Incident 2013

    This illustration was done for the Sakura Exhibition held in LA. I created a cherry blossom-themed Japanese-style work using things like a traditional motif and some texture to give it pop. It was fun to draw the cute armor, the defeated soldiers, and the Ukiyo-e-style clouds. The title also conveys the idea that I will continue to challenge myself to draw things I’ve never drawn before.

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  • Zombie Sisters

    I did this illustration using a limited amount of colors. I enjoyed coming up with a way to pair the logo with a simplified illustration using basic colors.

    It’s common to have set limitations when doing illustration work, so I also took this as an opportunity to practice that.

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About Me

Chiru Mitsuka

Illustrator / Japan

I began working in 2000 when I paired up with designer Sight to form a creative duo called “Psychadelic Syndrome.” I am in charge of illustrations primarily.

My solo work as Chiru Mitsuka has focused mainly on illustrations for girls’ magazines, as well as illustrations and logos for an indie band, print illustrations for a clothing brand, logo designs for a manga, website mascot designs, and more. I also participate in events and have released a book of illustrations on my own. In addition to illustrations, I also produce dolls, accessories, and other merchandise.


  • Creator NameChiru Mitsuka
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapan
  • GenderFemale
  • BirthdayMarch 3
  • Blood TypeA
  • Zodiac SignPisces
  • Years Active13
  • LocationJapan (Tokyo/Fukuoka)


    What got you into drawing?

    Basically, I’ve loved drawing from a young age and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. My mother also drew, so that may have been a big influence.

    What is your main theme?

    That would be “kawaii.” My favorite thing to draw is cute girls, but I also mix in things that are the opposite of cute in order to bring out the girl’s cuteness even more.

    How long does it take you to produce something?

    It depends on things like how dense the illustration is, but the standard for one picture is a few minutes to an hour for the rough draft, one to seven or eight hours for the line art, and one to three hours to color and finish it. I will come back to a finished work after a few days and fix any areas that bother me, so there are times when it takes more days.

    When do you come up with the ideas for your work?

    I often think of things when I’m shopping or going for a walk. When I see or feel various things, I expand on it thinking “What if I did this...” and write it down, and then I finalize it at home.