Junko Enoshima | Dangan Ronpa

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Junko Enoshima | Dangan Ronpa

Upupupu ~ My Junko Enoshima cosplay which I made for Anime Festival Indonesia 2013 ! Enjoyed making the whole costume , from the skirt to Monokuma ~ pretty happy with the outcome !
Junko Enoshima by Ying Tze | https://www.facebook.com/YingTze1206
PHOTO BY | https://www.facebook.com/naneeephotos


  • Maxim Freestyler

    I See YOU...... ;)

  • Pedro Avila

    It was very beautiful! I am delighted with your dress, i like your hairstyle and accessories are simple but spectacular. "Teddy" (sorry, i don't remember his name) is scary but it is original. Keep going!